Preliminary Privacy Impact Assessment

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TITLE: PIH Information Center (PIC)

UPI # 025-00-01-03-01-1020-00-301-093

PCAS # 41550 - PIH Information Center Maintenance and

UPI # 025-00-01-03-01-1010-00-301-093

PCAS # 411540 - PIH Center Enhancements

Is this a new or substantially revised electronic information system? If revised, describe revisions.

This is not a new system.

If any question does not apply, state not applicable (N/A) for each question and explain why.

I. Describe the information to be collected (e.g., nature and source). Be sure to include any information in an identifiable form, e.g., name, address, social security number or other identifying number or code, telephone number, email address, etc).

Information collected includes each tenant's name, address, telephone numbers, social security number, date of birth, income-related information (employer, income, public assistance payee, benefits paid, etc.) assets.

II. Why is the information being collected (e.g., to determine eligibility)?

The information is collected to allow public housing agencies (PHA) and HUD to determining the eligibility of tenants for HUD founded housing assistance, and the amount of current and continuing assistance. (Ref. Form HUD-50058)

III. How will the information be used (e.g., to verify existing data)?

The information is used by PHA to calculate the rent that tenants must pay and the portion of their assisted housing expenses to be subsidized.

PHA verify the income and other information reported by tenants, calculate the rent, and report the results to HUD via Form HUD-50058. The data are managed in the PIC system.

Some of the information collected is used by HUD to monitor public housing agencies' compliance with HUD regulations.

IV. Will you share the information with others (e.g., another agency for a programmatic purpose)? If yes, list the entities.

Yes. Pursuant to computer matching agreements, HUD sends some of the tenants' identification information (SSN) to state wage-information collection agencies (SWICA) and to the SSA to request income related information electronically. HUD shares the income-related information with PHA, but does not currently share this information with other federal agencies.

V. Describe what opportunities individuals have been given to decline to provide information or to consent to particular use of the information (e.g., whether individual may withhold permission for a particular use).

Form HUD 9886 ("Authorization for Release of Information / Privacy Act Notice") gives tenants the opportunity to consent to stated uses of the information. The form does not give the tenants the opportunity to decline or consent to particular uses within the set of all authorized uses of the information.

VI. How will the information be secured (e.g., administrative and technological controls)?

Technological controls in the computer system at HUD and some physical safeguards provide security safeguards throughout the system of HUD and PHA users. HUD also has strict administrative safeguards that protect confidentiality at HUD and PHA sites. HUD has weak control over the administrative safeguards at PHA sites. HUD is working to improve the security safeguards at HUD and throughout the user community of PHA that use the data.

VII. How will the data be retrieved (e.g., will it be retrieved by a personal identifier such as name, social security number, address, telephone number or some other identifier that is unique to an individual)?

Data in the system is typically retrieved by SSN, Last Name, Date of Birth.