Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA)

A Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) is a record of how we collect, store, protect, share, and manage personally identifiable information (PII).

Personally Identifiable Information means any information about an individual maintained by an agency. Including, but not limited to, education, financial transactions, medical history, and criminal or employment history and information which can be used to distinguish or trace an individual's name, biometric records, etc..., including any other personal information which is linked or linkable to an individual.

PII may be collected in a HUD electronic system or from a HUD form, such as the HUD-1, the form used at settlement when you purchase a home.

Privacy Impact Assessments list

  • who has access to PII, and
  • what controls are in place to protect the information.

The Office of Management and Budget mandates that we send them a report of our Privacy Impact Assessments annually. OMB also mandates that we publish these reports on our web site. Our published assessments are accessible from links in the box on the right.