System of Records Notices by HUD Program Office

The Office of Privacy has designated Privacy Liaison Officers (PLOs) who work closely with system owners to carry out Departmental system of records requirements. System owners are principally responsible for ensuring that their system of records notices are accurate, timely, and complete, and comply with the provisions of the Privacy Act.

System owners and PLOs are encouraged to train program area personnel on the handling of such records and should disseminate their system of records notices so that personnel assigned responsibility for handling such records understand their responsibilities.

Annually, PLOs are required to work with system owners to review their system of records notices and provide any required changes to the Privacy Office.



Select the Title to view the System of Records Notice.

Identifier System Code Date Published Title
Government National Mortgage Association
HUD/GNMA-01 P244 07/29/2010 Unclaimed Funds System
HUD/GNMA-02 N/A 07/29/2010 Ginnie Mae Master Subservicer System
GINNE MAE/TN.01 P270 12/05/2012 Enterprise Wide Operational Data Store (EWODS)
Office of Administration
HUD/ADM-09 P228 10/01/2007 Correspondence Tracking System
HUD/ADM-10 1312 07/25/2022 Emergency Notification System
Office of the Chief Financial Officer
HUD/CFO-01 A75 08/17/2022 HUD Central Accounting and Program System, (HUDCAPS)
HUD/CFO-03 A67 01/30/2024 Line of Credit Control System (LOCCS)
HUD/CFO-05 P362 01/10/2024 HUD Remittance and Debt Collection (HRDC)
CFO/FY.04 A75R 08/17/2022 Financial Data Mart (FDM)
N/A P209 11/18/2021 Payroll Data Analytics
Office of the Chief Information Officer
HUD/CIO-03 P209 01/30/2024 Active Directory (AD)
HUD/OCIO/QN.01 P281 03/29/2022 Digital Identity and Access Management System (DIAMS)
HUD/OCIO-001 P302 09/12/2019 X01 Windows Azure Public Cloud Enterprise Data Management (EDM)
Office of the Chief Procurement Officer
HUD/CPO-01 P273 02/16/2024 HUD Integrated Acquisition Management System (HIAMS)
Office of Community Planning and Development
HUD/H-8 C04 01/08/2024 Integrated Disbursement Information System (IDIS)
N/A C04H 10/30/2020 HUD Environmental Review Online System
Office of Departmental Equal Employment Opportunity
HUD/ODEEO/01 D55 05/15/2024 Equal Employment Opportunity Management Information System
Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity
FHEO/EGID.01 V05 10/20/2014 HUD Enforcement Management System (HEMS)
Office of General Counsel
OGC.CAGC-01 V04 03/04/2024 E-Discovery Management System (EDMS)
Office of Housing
HUD/DEPT-03 P085 03/09/2023 Comprehensive Servicing and Monitoring System (CSMS)
HUD/HOU-01 A80S 10/05/2023 Single Family Acquired Asset Management System (SAMS)
HUD/HOU-03 A80D 02/16/2024 Distributive Shares and Refund Subsystem (DSRS)
HUD/HOU-04 F57 08/08/2023 Credit Alert Verification Reporting System (CAIVRS)
HUD/HOU-04 A43 12/18/2023 Single Family Insurance System (SFIS)
HUD/HOU-11 F87 07/14/2023 Tenant Rental Assistance Certification System (TRACS)
HUD/HOU-12 F11 04/12/2014 Housing Counseling System (HCS)
HUD/HOU-55 F71 02/02/2024 Debt Collection and Asset Management System (DCAMS)
HUD/HOU-58 A80H 02/20/2024 Single-Family Mortgage Asset Recovery Technology (SMART)
HUD/HS-50 F12 07/23/1999 Home Equity Conversion Mortgage System
HUD/HS-57 A80N 01/16/2008 Single Family Mortgage Notes System (SFMNS)
HUD/HS-60 F51 01/30/2024 Institution Master File (IMF)
HUD/HSNG-03 P292 06/04/2014 Single Family Mortgage Insurance Origination System (SFMIOS)
HUD/SFH-01 F42D 01/30/2024 Single Family Default Monitoring Subsystem (SFDMS)
HUD/SFH-02 A43C 11/20/2007 Single Family Insurance System (CLAIMS Subsystem)
HUD/MFH-01 F24P 03/11/2024 Active Partners Performance System (APPS)
HUD/MFH-02 P280 07/22/2022 Application Submission and Processing System (ASAP)
HUD/MFH-08 F24A 07/11/2023 Developmental Application Process (DAP)
N/A N/A 01/23/2024 Validation and Disposition Services (VDS- Best EX)
HUD.HSNG/SF-001 P303 01/08/2024 Loan Review System (LRS)
HSNG.MF/HTS-01 F24 08/22/2016 Integrated Real Estate Management System (iREMS)
HSNG.SF/FRN-07 P260 08/19/2019 Asset Disposition and Management System (ADAMS)
HSNG.SF/HUL-01 P278 02/16/2024 Lender Electronic Assessment Portal (LEAP)
HSNG.SF/HUP-01 D64A 03/09/2015 Single Family Housing Enterprise Data Warehouse (SFHEDW)
HSNG.SF/HUP-02 P292 10/18/2016 Loan Application Management System
HSNG.SF/HWAT-01 P271 11/18/2021 Home Equity Reverse Mortgage Information Technology (HERMIT)
HSNG.SF/HWAA-02   07/22/2022 Claims Subsystem Rescindment
Office of the Inspector General
HUD/OIG-1 N/A 12/29/2010 Hotline Line Tracking System
Office of Policy Development and Research
HUD/PD&R-05 1113 06/12/2023 Supportive Services Demonstration Evaluation
HUD/PD&R-09 P202 01/23/2024 Community Choice Demonstration Evaluation Data Files (CCD-EDF)
HUD/PD&R-10 2528-XXXX 09/23/2008 Housing Counseling Research Data Files
HUD/PD&R-11 P202 01/23/2024 Moving to Work Asset Building Cohort (MTW-ABC) Evaluation Data Files
HUD/PD&R-12 P353 05/13/2024 HUD USERS (docx)
N/A N/A 12/18/2017 Section 811
PD&R/RRE-01 1113 08/19/2022 Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD)
PD&R/RRE-01 2528-N/A 01/11/2013 Pre-Purchase Homeownership Counseling
PD&R/RRE-02 2528-001 06/12/2013 Family Self Sufficiency Program Demonstration Data
PD&R/RRE-04 1113 12/14/2023 Family Options Study (FOS)
PD&R/RRE-04 1113 09/13/2022 Stepped and Tiered Rent Demonstration
Office of Public and Indian Housing/Real Estate Assessment Center
HUD/PIH-01 P113 01/04/2024 Inventory Management System/PIH Information Center (IMS/PIC) and Housing Information Portal (HIP)
HUD/PIH-02 N/A 01/19/2024 HUD Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing System (VASH)
HUD/PIH-03 P091A 07/12/2023 One Stop Customer Service (OSCS)
HUD/PIH-5 P181 08/17/2022 Enterprise Income Verification
HUD/PIH-07 2577-1660 01/10/2024 Disaster Information System (DIS)
HUD/PIH-8 N/A 01/08/2024 Efforts to Outcomes (ETO)
HUD/PIH-08 N/A 01/08/2024 Tracking-at-a-Glance (TAAG)
HUD/PIH-08 P017 01/10/2024 Grants Interface Management System (GIMS)
HUD/HSNG-02 P304 08/29/2017 Office of Native American Programs Loan Origination System (ONAP-LOS)
N/A P319 07/30/2018 Enterprise Voucher Management System
HUD/PIH-REAC-03 P109 02/03/2023 Physical Assessment Sub-System (PASS)
Office of the Chief Human Capitol Officer
HUD/OCHCO-01 N/A 11/16/2021 HR Case Management
HUD/OCHCO-02 P209 07/11/2023 Anti-Harassment Program (AHP)
HUD/OCHCO-03 P315 05/11/2018 Personnel Security Integrated System For Tracking (PerSIST)
HUD/OCHCO-04 P209 03/09/2023 Hardship Reassignment Program
HUD/OCHCO-05 D110 11/07/2023 Performance Review Board Tool (PBRT)
Appendix I HUD’s Routine Use Inventory Notice