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FAQs about HUD's Management and Marketing (M&M) Program


Question 1 - How do I get registered as a HUD-qualified real estate broker?

Answer - In order to qualify to sell HUD Homes, real estate brokers must complete and sign the following forms and any supporting documentation, and submit these to your local HUD Homeownership Center: SAMS 1111 Broker application and the SAMS 1111A Selling Broker Certification. Once this has been accomplished, and you have received a HUD-issued name and address identification number (NAID) you can show, advertise, and submit offers on HUD Homes. Detailed instructions on how and where to submit your applications are available on HUD Homestore’s NAID Application.

For comprehensive videos and guides regarding registration and bidding also see HUD Homestore FAQs.

Question 2 - I am already a HUD-qualified broker and would like to continue selling HUD Homes. Do real estate brokers have to reregister with HUD?

Answer - Yes. HUD requires annual recertification. To be recertified the broker must have a valid broker's license.

Question 2a - I was just recertified by HUD but my broker's license expires before the end of this year. Do I need to be recertified?

Answer - Yes. If the license expires before the recertification date the broker will have to again recertify.

Question 3 - I've heard that with the M&M program we have to do electronic bidding. I've never done that before with HUD, so how will I know how to do this type of bidding?

Answer - Contact your local M&M for instructions.

Question 4 - If I don't have access to a computer, how do I submit an electronic bid?

Answer - Bids must be submitted electronicaly. Contact your local M&M for instructions.

Question 5 - What commissions are paid to Realtors for the sale of a HUD home?

Answer - Sales commissions for selling brokers shall be determined by HUD and will be comparable to averages for the area. The maximum sales commission to both the listing broker and selling broker is 3% each.

Question 6 - Who do I contact if I want to hold an open house?

Answer - The local listing broker and its agent are responsible for having an open house. If you are interested in becoming a local listing broker, please contact the AM for your respective area.

Question 7 - Can I still advertise HUD Homes?

Answer - The local listing broker and its agent is responsible for advertising HUD Homes. If you are interested in advertising HUD-owned properties, please contact the AM for your respective area.

Question 8 - Who do I contact if I have complaints about the maintenance of a HUD Home?

Answer - Your local M&M contractor or Homeownership Center that has jurisdiction over the property. You should also send an email to neighbornetwork@hud.gov with “property maintenance issue” in the subject line. Please include the property’s full address and fully describe the property maintenance issue in your complaint.