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Hawaiian Home Lands Assignments

Section 247 Assignments

HUD has special procedures for mortgage insurance claims on properties located on Hawaiian Home Lands. Loans insured by HUD under Section 247 of the National Housing Act must be assigned to HUD at the time an insured lender files its timely claim for mortgage insurance benefits. A lender should consult 24 CFR §§203.439 and 203.665 for the special requirements which must be met prior to filing an insurance claim for loans with the Automated Data Processing (ADP) codes of 759, 780, 793, 805, 808 or 811 (last three digits of FHA case number).

Additional guidance on Assignment eligibility and filing a claim for mortgage insurance benefits for Hawaiian Home Land Mortgages can be found in the 4000.1 Single Family Housing Policy Handbook,

  • Program overview: Hawaiian Home Land Mortgages (Section 247 Mortgages) - Sec. III.A.3.c
  • Filing a Mortgage Insurance Claim:
    • Claim Type 02 - Assignment or Single Family Loan Sale Program, Hawaiian Home Land Mortgages (Section 247 Mortgages) Claims - Sec. IV.A.2.b.i
    • Single Family Housing Policy Handbook Supplemental Documents - Claim Filing Technical Guide, Sec. 2


Call Tracy Vargas, Management Analyst, in HUD's National Servicing Center at (405) 609-8457 if you are a lender or servicer with questions about submitting servicing records.

Contact Lora Han, Chief Counsel, Honolulu Field Office, at (213) 534-2549 or (808) 780-0674 if you have questions about the title evidence required by HUD.


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