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FHA Title II Mortgagee Starter Kit

Welcome to the Mortgagee Starter Kit.  Below is a list of Single Family Housing Handbooks to support your mortgage business.  The hyperlinks provided below links to HUD's Client Information Policy System (HUDCLIPS), the online resource for HUD Handbooks, Letters, Guidebooks, Notices, Acts, and Bulletins.  Lenders can receive emails regarding newly published Mortgagee Letters, Handbooks, Federal Register Notices, training opportunities, and other important Single Family announcements by subscribing to FHA Info, FHA's Single Family Housing Industry Email List.  



Consolidated Audit Guide for Audits of Programs


FHA Single Family Policy Handbook


Architectural Processing and Inspections (Paragraph 3-4. Manufactured Homes (Mobile) For Title II Mortgage Insurance superseded by 4000.1)


Home Equity Conversion Mortgages


Administration of Insured Home Mortgage (Chapters 1-12, Chapters 14-15 and Appendices superseded by 4000.1)


Minimum Property Standards for Housing, 1994 Edition (Appendix K superseded by 4000.1)


HECM Housing Counseling Protocol


Housing Counseling Program Handbook

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