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Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) Information Regarding Surviving Non-Borrowing Spouses

Surviving Non-Borrowing Spouse

A surviving non-borrowing spouse is the spouse of a deceased or incapacitated HECM borrower, who was not named as a borrower in the original loan application and legal documents. This often occurs when the spouse was not 62 years of age when the loan was originated; did not have title to the property; or in order to secure the maximum amount, or principal limit, for the HECM.

Upon the death of the last surviving borrower, the balance of the HECM loan becomes due and payable. At this point, the non-borrowing spouse may not withdraw any unused loan funds; however, FHA mortgage insurance premiums, and service fees will continue to accrue on the unpaid principal balance.

If the HECM loan was originated before August 4, 2014, click here for information.

If the HECM loan was originated on or after August 4, 2014, click here for information.

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