When You Own a Home, You'll Always Have Questions

Every year, millions of homeowners and potential homeowners discover the value of HUD-approved housing counseling. Whether you're new to homeownership or well along in your journey, there will be times when you have questions or concerns and could use some experienced, impartial insights and information. It's as close as your local HUD-approved housing counseling agency. 

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HUD Foreclosure Counseling Outcome Study
2 NeighborWorks® America: National Foreclosure Mitigation Counseling Program Evaluation (Final Report - Sep. 2014)

Your HUD-Approved Housing Counseling Agency has the Answers.

The first thing you learn when you purchase a home is that there's a lot to learn. From managing your day-to-day finances to budgeting for the inevitable and unforeseen - like ongoing maintenance, upkeep, repairs and insurance coverage. You may have questions about refinancing, or a reverse mortgage, or find yourself dealing with financial bumps in the road. Your HUD-approved housing counseling agency has the answers and support you need.


A Firm Foundation

- DIY classes and workshops
- Ongoing budgeting, financial management
- Maintaining your home, household systems and appliances
- Anticipating and preparing for future maintenance and repairs


Details that Make a Difference

- Household safety - reducing the risk of acidents in your home
- Energy efficiency - saving the earth...and your hard-earned money
- Types of insurance coverages - understanding, reviewing, comparing
- Creating an emergency preparedness plan


Future Options

- Financing for home improvements
- Refinancing or home equity loans
- Reverse mortgages
- Selling a home


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