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Use of Materials Bulletins

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 -   UM17e- Concrete Roofing Tile
 -   UM 38j- Grade Marking of Lumber
 -   UM 40c- Plywood and Other Performance Rated Wood-Based Structural Use Panels
 -   UM 44d- Carpet
 -   UM 48- Pressure-Treated Lumber and Plywood 
 -   UM 52a- Wood Finish Doors
 -   UM 58a- Acrylic Plastic Sheets and Glazing
 -   UM 60a- Construction Adhesives for Wood Floor Systems
 -   UM 62a- Factory-Applied Laminate Roofing Systems Based on Chlorosulfonated
 -   UM 65- Controlled Density Cellular Concrete Floor Fill
 -   UM 67- Polycarbonate Plastic Sheets for Glazing
 -   UM 70b- Particleboard Interior State Treads
 -   UM 71a- Polystyrene Foam Insulation Board
 -   UM 72a- Carpet Cushion
 -   UM 73a- Plastic Bathroom Fixtures
 -   UM 74- Thermal Insulation, Urea-Based, Foamed In Place
 -   UM 76- Chlorinated Poly (Vinyl-Chloride) CPVC and Polybuthlene (PB) Hot and Cold
 -   UM 77a- Cast Iron Sanitary Drainage System with Hubless Pipe and Fittings
 -   UM 78- Polyethylene (PE), Acrylonitrile - Butadiene - Styrene (ABS), Poly (Vinyl)
 -   UM 79a- Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene (ABS) and Poly (Vinyl Chloride) (PVC) Plastic
 -   UM 80- Spray Applied Cellulosic Thermal Insulation
 -   UM 82a- Sealed Insulating Glass Units
 -   UM 84- Solid Fuel Type Room Heaters and Fireplace Stoves
 -   UM 89- Exterior Insulated Steel Door Systems
 -   UM 100- Solar Water Heating Systems
 -   UM 101- Exterior Wall Insulation and Finish Systems
 -   UM 111- Fenestration Products (Windows and Doors)


HUD Accepted UM Administrators

Akron Rubber
Architectural Testing, Inc.
Associated Laboratories, Inc.
Canadian Mill Service Association
International Conference of Building Officials
NAHB National Research Center
National Association of Home Builders
NIST Page on Composite Panel Association
R&D Services
Solar Rating & Certification, Inc.
Southwest Research Institute, Inc.
Timber Products Inspection, Inc.
Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.