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Manufactured Home Dispute Resolution Forms

Effective February 8, 2008, at the time of signing a contract for the sale or lease of a manufactured home, the purchaser must be provided with a retailer's dispute resolution notification and each home must be sold or leased with a manufacturer's dispute resolution notification located in the home's consumer manual.

If a problem arises with a manufactured home, the first contact should be the retailer. Most problems can be eliminated quickly. If the retailer cannot help, the second contact should be the manufacturer. Manufacturers, for the most part, are quick to respond to problems.

It is important to put a report of a defect in writing so that there will be proof of date of delivery. Also, make a copy to keep with your records. After reporting an alleged defect, the reporting party or homeowner is encouraged to allow time for a satisfactory resolution of the reported defect before initiating the Manufactured Home Dispute Resolution Program.

If a satisfactory resolution of the reported defect is not obtained, there are offices within most state governments that offer remedies through dispute resolution programs.

For HUD-administered dispute resolution states, form HUD-311-DR can be used to make a request for dispute resolution.