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How and Where to File A Dispute Resolution Complaint

If a problem arises with a manufactured home, the first contact should be the retailer. Most problems can be eliminated quickly. If the retailer cannot help, the second contact should be the manufacturer. Manufacturers, for the most part, are quick to respond to problems. It is important to put a report of a defect in writing so that there will be proof of date of delivery. Also, make a copy to keep with your records. After reporting an alleged defect, the reporting party or homeowner is encouraged to allow time for a satisfactory resolution of the reported defect before initiating the Manufactured Home Dispute Resolution Program.

If a satisfactory resolution of the reported defect is not obtained, there are offices within most state governments that offer remedies through dispute resolution programs. There are 26 States with established dispute resolution programs. For HUD-administered dispute resolution states, contact HUD to make a request for dispute resolution.

To find the contact for your state, use the table below and click on your state's abbreviation.























































If your state does not administer its own dispute resolution program (in orange), please see more information about How To Make a Request with HUD for Dispute Resolution (for HUD-administered states only) or contact the Office of Manufactured Housing Programs at:


U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
451 Seventh Street, SW, Room 9170
Washington, DC 20410-8000
Telephone: (202) 402-2698 or (800) 927-2891
FAX: (202) 708-4213
Email: mhs@hud.gov

Steve Pinckard, Program Manager
Alabama Manufactured Housing Commission
350 South Decatur Street
Montgomery, AL 36104-4306
PH: (334) 242-1418
FAX: (334) 240-3178
Email: steve.pinckard@amhc.alabama.gov
Website: https://amhc.alabama.gov/

Tara Brunetti, Assistant Deputy Director
Arizona Department of Housing
Manufactured Housing and Building Division
1110 West Washington, Suite 280
Phoenix, AZ 85007-2957
PH: (602) 771-1035
FAX: (602) 771-1002
Email: tara.brunetti@azhousing.gov
Website: https://housing.az.gov/manufactured-housing/complaints


Aaron Howard, Director
Arkansas Manufactured Home Commission
900 West Capitol Avenu
Little Rock, AR 72201
PH:(501) 324-9032
FAX: (501) 683-3638
Email: aaron.howard@arkansas.gov
Website: https://www.labor.arkansas.gov/licensing/manufactured-home-commission/home/


Samuel W. Albrecht, Director
Office of Regulatory Oversight
Colorado Division of Housing
1313 Sherman Street, #321
Denver, CO 80203-2244
PH: (303) 864-7838
FAX: (303) 864-7857
Email: sam.albrecht@state.co.us
Website: https://cdola.colorado.gov/office-of-regulatory-oversight/building-codes-and-standards/manufactured-housing-consumer

Complaints: Beverly Bayley
PH: (303) 864-7836
Email: beverly.bayley@state.co.us

Tomy Houseworth
Operations Services Manager
Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles
Division of Motorist Services
Manufactured Housing Section
318 S.E. 25th Ave.
Ocala, FL 34431
PH: (352) 512-6799
Email: tomyhouseworth@flhsmv.gov
Website: https://www.flhsmv.gov/safety-center/consumer-education/mobile-manufactured-home-safety/

Designee: Ellen Saint Vil
Email: ellensaintvil@flhsmv.gov

Keith Shadix
Manufactured Housing Division
State Fire Marshal's Office
Two Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, West Tower, Suite 902
Atlanta, GA 30334
PH: (404) 463-0738
FAX: (404) 657-6971
Email: kshadix@oci.ga.gov
Website: https://oci.georgia.gov/inspections-permits-plans/manufactured-housing

Designee: Amanda McGovern
PH: (470) 222-9388
Email: amcgovern@sfm.ga.gov


John Sprague, Weatherization Field Specialist
Kansas Housing Resources Corporation
611 S. Kansas Avenue, Suite 300
Topeka, Kansas 66603-3812
PH: (785) 217-2001
FAX: (785) 232-8084 
Email: jsprague@kshousingcorp.org
Website: https://kshousingcorp.org/housing-partners/manufactured-housing/


Kevin Dotson
Director, Public Protection Cabinet
Department of Housing, Building, and Construction
Manufactured Housing Section
500 Mero Street
Frankfort, KY 40601
PH: 502-573-1795
FAX: 502-573-1059
Email: kevin.dotson@ky.gov
Website: https://dhbc.ky.gov/new_docs.aspx?cat=154


Peter Holmes, Executive Director
Department of Professional and Financial Regulations
Manufactured Housing Program
35 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333-0035
PH: (207) 624-8678
FAX: (207) 624-8637
Email: peter.t.holmes@maine.gov
Website: https://www.maine.gov/pfr/professionallicensing/home/file-a-complaint

Scott McLellan, Director
Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry
Construction Codes and Licensing Division
443 Lafayette Road North
St. Paul, MN 55155-4341
PH: (651) 284-5869
FAX: (651) 284-5749
Email: scott.mclellan@state.mn.us
Website: https://www.dli.mn.gov/business/manufactured-structures

Timothy Fagerburg
Deputy Supervisor
Factory-Built Home Division
State Fire Marshal's Office
Mississippi Insurance Department
660 North Street, Suite 100B
Jackson, MS 39202
PH: (601) 359-1071
FAX: (601) 359-1076
Email: timothy.fagerburg@mid.state.ms.us
Website: https://www.mid.ms.gov/sfm/factory-built-homes.aspx

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 79
Jackson, MS 39205

Justin Smith, Manufactured Housing Program Manager
Missouri Public Service Commission
Manufactured Housing and Modular Units Programs
200 Madison Street, Suite 500
Jefferson City, MO 65102-3254
PH: (573) 526-2833
FAX: (573) 522-2509
Email: justin.smith@psc.mo.gov
Website: https://psc.mo.gov/ManufacturedHousing/

Tim Whitright, Deputy Administrator
Department of Business and Industry
Nevada Housing Division
3300 W. Sahara Ave., Suite 300
Las Vegas, NV 89102
PH: (702) 486-7259
Email: twhitright@housing.nv.gov
Website: https://housing.nv.gov/

Marla Pike, Board Administrator
New Hampshire Office of Professional Licensure and Certification/
Installation Standards Board
7 Eagle Square
Concord, NH 03301
PH: (603) 271-2152
FAX: (603) 271-6990
Email: marla.l.pike@oplc.nh.gov
Website: https://www.oplc.nh.gov/board-manufactured-housing

Carla Roybal, Chief Civil Investigator
NM Regulation and Licensing Department
Construction Industries Division and 
Manufactured Housing Division
5500 San Antonio Drive NE
Albuquerque, NM 87109
PH: (505) 231-1438
FAX: (575) 524-6319
Email: carla.roybal@rld.nm.gov
Website: https://www.rld.nm.gov/manufactured-housing-division/file-a-complaint/

William E. Sherman
Assistant Director for Inspection and Manufactured Housing
New York Department of State
Division of Building Standards and Codes
One Commerce Plaza
99 Washington Avenue, Suite 1160
Albany, NY 12231-0001
PH: (518) 474-4073
FAX: (518) 486-4487
Email: william.sherman@dos.ny.gov
Website: https://dos.ny.gov/building-standards-and-codes

Keisha Hoggard, Program Manager
NC Department of Insurance
Office of the State Fire Marshal
Manufactured Building Division
1429 Rock Quarry Road
Raleigh, NC 27610
PH: (919) 647-0053
FAX: (919) 715-0067
Email: keisha.hoggard@ncdoi.gov
Website: https://www.ncosfm.gov/manufactured-bldg/manufactured-homes

Mailing Address:
1202 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-1202

Moran Nusbaum
Assistant Division Counsel
Ohio Department of Commerce
Division of Industrial Compliance
6606 Tussing Road
Reynoldsburg, OH 43068
PH: 614-644-5594
Fax: 614-728-8639
Email: Moran.Nusbaum@com.ohio.gov
Website: https://com.ohio.gov/divisions-and-programs/manufactured-homes-program/file-a-complaint-mhp

Brian Wilson, Executive Director
Oklahoma Used Motor Vehicle, Dismantler, and Manufactured Housing Commission
421 NW 13th Street, Suite 330
Oklahoma City, OK 73103
PH: (405) 521-3600
FAX: (405) 521-3604 
Email: Brian.Wilson@oumvdmhc@ok.gov
Website: https://oklahoma.gov/oumvdmhc/consumers/complaints.html

Alana Cox, Administrator
Oregon Building Codes Division
Department of Consumer and Business Services
Building Codes Division
1535 Edgewater Street, NW
Salem, OR 97304-4635
PH: (503) 378-4133
FAX: (503) 378-2322
Email: alana.cox@oregon.gov
Website: https://www.oregon.gov/bcd/pages/index.aspx

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 14470
Salem, OR 97309-0404

Paul Merriman
South Dakota Department of Public Safety
Office of State Fire Marshal
221 S. Central Avenue
Pierre, SD 57501-2000
PH: (605) 773-4513
FAX: (605) 773-6631
Email: paul.merriman@state.sd.us
Website: https://dps.sd.gov/emergency-services/state-fire-marshal/forms-applications

James (Jim) Hightower, Director
Manufactured Housing Section
Tennessee State Fire Marshal's Office
Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance
Division of Fire Prevention
500 James Robertson Parkway
Nashville, TN 37243
PH: (615) 253-5317
FAX: (615) 741-9388
Email: jim.hightower@tn.gov
Website: https://www.tn.gov/commerce/fire/sections-programs/fire-manufactured-housing.html

Cindy Bocz, Compliance and Regulations Manager
Manufactured Housing Division
TX Department of Housing and Community Affairs
George H.W. Bush State Office Building
1801 N Congress Ave., Suite 11.400
Austin, TX 78701
PH: (512) 475-2884
FAX: (512) 463-7951
Email: cindy.bocz@tdhca.state.tx.us
Website: https://www.tdhca.state.tx.us/mh/

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 12489
Austin, TX 78711-2489

Jeff Brown, Director of Building and Fire Regulations
Division of Building and Fire Regulation
VA Department of Housing and Community Development
Main Street Centre
600 East Main Street, Suite 300
Richmond, VA 23219
PH: (804) 371-7161
FAX: (804) 371-7092
Email: jeff.brown@dhcd.virginia.gov
Website: https://www.dhcd.virginia.gov/codes

Charles Parton, Factory Assembled Structures Technical Specialist
Department of Labor and Industries
Specialty Compliance Services
Factory Assembled Structures
1205 Ahtanum Ridge Drive - Suite C
Union Gap, WA 98903
PH: (509) 454-3785
Email: pacs235@lni.wa.gov
Website: https://www.lni.wa.gov/licensing-permits/manufactured-modular-mobile-structures/manufactured-home-permits-inspections/

Mitch E. Woodrum, Commissioner
West Virginia Division of Labor
1900 Kanawha Boulevard East
State Capitol Complex
Building 3, Room 200
Charleston, WV 25305
PH: 304-558-7890
FAX: 304-558-2447
Email: mitchell.e.woodrum@wv.gov
Website: https://labor.wv.gov/Manufactured-Housing/Pages/mh-forms.aspx