Installation and Setup

What is involved in the installation of a manufactured home?

Installation is one of the most important elements of purchasing a new manufactured home.  The following items must be considered:

  1. Locality requirements for zoning, septic, electrical and/or building permits;
  2. Site preparation and access to the site;
  3. Stable soil and proper foundation system, including the anchoring system, that is approved/listed for use in the proper class of soil (this information may be available in the manufacturer's written instructions or obtained from State or local building officials);
  4. Perimeter enclosure may be either recommended or required; and
  5. Utility hook-ups and dryer vent discharge, as addressed in the installation manual provided with the home. You should always check with the retailer and State or local building officials concerning the installation of a manufactured home.

How should I choose a site for my new home?

Site selection is critical to the performance of your home.  Make certain that your home site is properly prepared and that water drains away from the foundation. Easy access to the site ensures that the transporter will not be impeded by trees.

Who should install/set-up my home?

An installer may be either the retailer, through the sales agreement, or someone under contract with the retailer to perform the installation. You should make sure the contractor hired to install the home will do so in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and, if applicable, State installation regulations. Some States license and/or certify manufactured home installers.

Who do I contact if my home was damaged during installation?

Retailers may contract with their customers for the installation of their homes, in which case the retailer is your first contact for installation-related problems. If the retailer does not arrange for the installation and you choose the installation contractor, you should contact the installer who performed the work. If you are not satisfied with the repair, contact the local authority SAA having jurisdiction. It is important that all services related to the installation be listed separately in the contract.

Does HUD regulate how manufactured homes are installed?

HUD regulates installation in all states unless a state has been accepted by HUD to administer its own qualifying installation program.  There are many states that have been fully or conditionally accepted by HUD to operate their own installation program and that are participating in the Manufactured Home Installation Program. For states where HUD will administer the Manufactured Home Installation Program, HUD ensures that trainers of installers planning to work in HUD-administered states are registered with HUD, and that persons planning to install homes in HUD-administered states are licensed by HUD.