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MHCC Members
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The Act authorizes the Secretary to appoint a total of 22 members to the MHCC. 21 members have voting rights; the 22nd member represents the Secretary and is a non-voting position. Selection of consensus committee members is based on selection procedures published by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) or successor organization. Service on the MHCC is voluntary.

At the Secretary’s discretion, MHCC Members serve for a term of three years not to exceed two consecutive terms. A rotation of seven members will be maintained on a yearly basis within reason; however, the Secretary retains the option to remove and appoint members.

In addition to the 21 voting members, there is a Designated Federal Official (DFO) that is appointed by the Secretary to represent the Secretary on the consensus committee.

The MHCC is comprised of seven members represented in each of the following categories:

  • Producers - Producers or retailers of manufactured housing
  • Users - Persons representing consumer interests, such as consumer organizations, recognized consumer leaders, and owners who are residents of manufactured homes
  • General Interest and Public Officials - General interest and public official members; three of the seven representatives must be Public Officials


Membership Lists and Information:

How to Apply to the MHCC:

A Federal Register Notice is annually published to announce the nomination of individuals interested in serving on the MHCC. The membership application for the MHCC can be found at https://mhcc.homeinnovation.com/Application.aspx.


If you have any questions or comments concerning the MHCC, please contact Home Innovation Research Labs at 1-888-602-4663 or via email at mhcc@homeinnovation.com. You may also contact HUD's Office of Manufactured Housing Programs at (202) 708-6423 or via email mhcc@hud.gov.