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Office of Recapitalization Staff Directory


The Weaver Federal Bldg.
451 7th Street, SW
Room 6230
Washington, DC 20410

Telephone:(202) 708-0001
Fax #1:(202) 708-5755
Fax #2:(202) 401-2994

Office of the Director Fax:
(202) 708-5494

Office of Closing Fax:
(202) 708-0687

Recap's AHT Branch 3
Metcalfe Federal Building
77 W. Jackson Blvd
Room 2301
Chicago, IL 60604
Fax: (312) 886-4218​

Office of the Director: Thomas R. Davis, Director | Bennett R. Hilley, Deputy Director

Program Administration (PAO): William Lavy, Director, (202) 402-2465. 

The PAO is comprised of the two branches listed below.  

PAO | This branch handles policy development, process improvements, external communications, the Federal appropriations process, waivers, data management, and other program-level activities.
Katherine Yang, Supervisor, (202) 475-8899

Resident Engagement & Protections | This branch responds to resident complaints and inquiries, serves to mediate disputes between residents and other parties involved in RAD transactions, leads development of communication materials targeted to residents, works with tenant advocacy organizations, oversees Section 3, and conducts monitoring of resident rights or relocation issues.
Tai Alex, Supervisor (202) 402-2436

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Closing & Post-Closing: Beverly Rudman, Director, (202) 402-8395

Closing | This branch does Public Housing and RAD for PRAC 202 closings.
Tameika Green, Supervisor, (202) 402-5222

Post Closing | This branch does Public Housing RAD closings and post-closing activities.
Isabella Cabbagestalk, Supervisor, (202) 402-2535

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Affordable Housing Transaction Division (AHT): John Ardovini, Director (202) 402-3001
Patricia Beach (202) 402-8366    |    Howard Westray, (202) 402-6092    |    Geveria Scott, (202) 402-2433*  

Kara Williams-Kief, Supervisory Senior Advisor, (202) 402-5454*
Hilda Reyes(Telephone TBD)
* This team does Post-Conversion, M2M, Post-M2M and QNP reviews and closings

The Affordable Housing Transaction Divsion is comprised of the four branches listed below. All branches, excluding Branch 3, are in the Weaver Federal Building (address listed above)

Branch 1 | This branch does Public Housing RAD conversions.
Onawa Simmons, Branch Chief, (202) 402-6058