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HUD Celebrates National Homeownership Month

We’re commemorating National Homeownership Month (NHM), which has been declared by Presidential Proclamation since 2002. NHM is a time for the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) to demonstrate our ongoing commitment to our mission – to create strong, sustainable, inclusive communities and quality affordable homes for all. 

Homeownership is the primary source of generational wealth for individuals and families in the nation. That’s why we are working to address the racial inequities and systematic issues that have made owning a home unattainable for first-time homebuyers, low- and moderate-income households, and communities of color. We are also working to ensure that homeownership is sustainable for homeowners that are facing hardships. Through our policies and programs, we are:

• Expanding homeownership opportunities to first-time homebuyers, particularly low- and moderate-income households and communities of color. 

• Closing the racial homeownership gap by removing barriers and addressing systemic issues that have persisted for decades.

• Introducing and implementing policies to help expand the nation’s housing supply and address current market conditions. 

• Helping homeowners who are struggling with their mortgage payments by providing tools to help them stay in their homes. 

We are also focusing on the importance of housing counseling, an essential tool that can empower prospective homebuyers with the education and resources they need to become successful homeowners. On June 1, 2023, we’re launching “Let’s  Make Home the Goal” – a multi-year outreach campaign to increase awareness about the benefits of seeking pre-purchase housing counseling services through HUD-approved housing counseling agencies. The campaign, which is primarily for minority communities, includes social media, ads and public service announcements. Learn more on the Let's Make Home the Goal web page. Watch HUD Secretary Fudge's video on the importance of housing counseling below.

Secretary Fudge on the importance of housing counseling

For more information about National Homeownership Month, read the Presidential Proclamation. To learn about our events this month and all year long, follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter. You may also visit the sites below for details about our programs and policies, housing counseling information, trainings, and events.




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