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Service Coordinator Training

All service coordinators working in HUD-assisted multifamily housing designated for the elderly and people with disabilities must conform to the Office of Multifamily Housing's Training Guidelines.

During the first year of employment, Service Coordinators are required to complete a minimum of 36 training hours of classroom/seminar time before hiring, OR completion of these minimum training requirements within 12 months of initial hiring. The 36 hours MUST cover nine specific subject areas. In addition, HUD requires that Service Coordinators attend at least 12 hours of continuing education in each successive year.

The Department's Training Guidelines also contain recommended coursework for Service Coordinators working in HUD-assisted housing for families.

HUD neither approves nor recommends training courses for Service Coordinators. The Department believes that trade associations, academic institutions, and local non-profit and public agencies can provide the best training to Service Coordinators working in HUD-assisted housing. Service Coordinators should choose training courses that best provide them with the information discussed in the Training Guidelines.

The American Association of Service Coordinators' (AASC) website lists education and training opportunities offered throughout the country. The search engine of your browser can help you find education and training opportunities for "Housing Service Coordinators".

Key Points:

  • Training funds are restricted to the service coordinator position (use for other property staff is prohibited).
  • Eligible/required training topics are listed in 4381.5, Chapter 8, Section 8.9.  Grant funds may not be used to pay for other training (including training provided by management agent).
  • Grant funds are not to be used for training that is not directly related to the service coordinator role.
  • Service coordinators must not count other training toward the statutory hours or 12 CEUs.
  • Travel:  Will only reimburse costs associated with attending training, and travel to multiple sites.  Mileage for costs to conduct other service coordinator business may be eligible.