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Housing Authority of the City of Old Town

The Housing Authority of the City of Old Town has administered a Congregate Housing Services Program at Marsh Island Apartments since 1979. This program, made possible with a grant from HUD, serves 21 residents allowing them to remain independent in their homes well beyond what would be possible without this program. Many of the residents are beyond 90 years old.

We have been able to serve many residents over the years. We provide a choice of one or two well-balanced meals seven days a week. Meals are served in our dining room allowing residents to dine together in a homey atmosphere. This provides a time for socializing as well as eating a meal. Residents that are not able to come to the dining room have their meals delivered to their apartments.

Housekeeping services are also provided. These include light housekeeping such as dusting, vacuuming, changing linens, and washing dishes. They also include laundry, shopping, errands, and transportation.

Supportive services include assistance in dealing with a variety of problems such as paying bills, insurance forms, Medicare, Maine Care, Social Security information, legal papers, making appointments, and applying for other outside services.

CHSP provides educational opportunities relating to nutrition and medications, as well as an assortment of speakers geared toward the elderly and disabled population. Health screening clinics are provided by our local EMTs once a month and by a student nurse from the University of Maine who comes in weekly during the school year.

The Congregate Housing Services Program at Marsh Island Apartments encourages independent living to help the elderly and disabled to maintain their dignity. One of our most memorable participants was a resident who was a Broadway show producer. He developed throat cancer and his wish was to stay in his apartment and die with dignity at home. With the services provided by the Congregate Program, and with other services that could provide the things necessary to make that happen, such as getting him a hospital bed, he was able to remain at home with his family with him until he passed away. From the beginning he touched our hearts. He was a man of great courage and wisdom and he will always be remembered.

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