M2M Rehabilitation Escrow Administration Tracking (REAT)

In order to meet one of the three elementary goals of the Mark-to-Market (M2M) program - the physical preservation of affordable housing stock - OAHP has developed an initiative to closely monitor the progress and completion of agreed upon rehabilitation projects for restructured properties. The Rehabilitation Escrow Administration Tracking "REAT" initiative was implemented in August 2003. The goals of the REAT program are to create a dialog between Escrow Administrators, OAHP and other stakeholders; to track progress of repairs; to identify hurdles and obstacles to completion; and to determine the existence and cause of problem situations prohibiting completion and to develop a timely resolution.

Below is a summary of major guidance and resources regarding OAHP Rehabilitation Escrows and the REAT initiative. Questions should be directed to the Mark-to-Market Information mailboxPlease note, no updates and/or changes have been made to REAT policy since 2006. The REAT process is still a current function of the M2M program.

Documentation and Guidance