M2M Green Initiative Resources

The following list of organizations and/or resources were mentioned in the Office of Recapitalization's green initiative launch training on the "Greening of the M2M Portfolio." For more information regarding the individual organizations and the "greening" services they provide, please contact the organization directly.



Affordable Housing Design Advisor www.designadvisor.org
Advancing HVAC&R to Serve Humanity and Promote a Sustainable World (ASHRAE) www.ashrae.org
Alliance for Healthy Homes www.afhh.org
American Lung Association Training Events www.healthhouse.org
Building Performance Institute www.bpi.org
Certified Energy Manager (CEM) Professional Certification www.aeecenter.org
Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Energy www.dsireusa.org/
DOE - Building Technologies Program www.eere.energy.gov/buildings/
DOE - Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy www.eere.energy.gov/
EarthCraft/Southface www.southface.org
Ecowise www.ecowisecertified.org/
EnergyStar Bulk Purchasing with HUD www.hud.gov/program_offices/public_indian_housing/programs/ph/phecc/bulkpurchase
EnergyStar Products www.energystar.gov
EPA www.epa.gov/
Global Green USA www.globalgreen.org
Green Advantage www.frontierassoc.net/greenaffordablehousing/
Green Building Institute www.greenbuilidinginstitute.org/index.htm
Green Communities www.greencommunitiesonline.org
GreenShield www.greenshieldcertified.org
HUD - Office of Environment and Energy www.hud.gov/program_offices/comm_planning/library/energy
HUD - The Healthy Homes Initiative www.hud.gov/program_offices/healthy_homes/hhi
Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) Bay Area www.bayarealisc.org
National Affordable Housing Management Association www.nahma.org
National Building Museum www.nbm.org
National Center for Healthy Housing www.nchh.org
NeighborWorks www.nw.org
New Ecology www.newecology.org
Quality Pro www.npmaqualitypro.com
Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) www.resnet.us