Frequently Asked Questions

Questions on the Mark-to-Market MIS System (M2M):

Question: How long does it take to get a User Name (or User Id)?

Answer:Once you register online for a user name, it will take up to 2 weeks to receive the username in the mail. You may call or email Katonia Jackson at (202) 708-0001 to obtain sooner. Once the user id is assigned, the Coordinator needs to add the permissions/roles and then properties need to be assigned to that User ID for it to work.

Question: Who can obtain a User Id?

Answer: Active PAEs and OMHAR staff may have user ids to read/write access to the M2M system. HUD staff can view via the Guest user login. This is a secured system that is not accessed by the public.

Question: What is the difference between coordinator and user?

Answer:The coordinator has system administrative rights and assigns access rights to the users (and the coordinator) to properties under "property assignment maintenance." Each PAE must have at least one coordinator registered. A coordinator is a user, too.

Question: Who enters in the "PAE Accepts Assignment" Date in the Critical Dates Tracking Module?

Answer: The PAE is responsible for entering in the date regarding the acceptance of the asset. This is the date the Amendment to Exhibit 1 is signed (unless it is the first assignment and training has not occurred, then it is the next day after Technical Assistance I).

Question: If there is an IRP on the asset being restructured how is the loan terms entered?

Answer: If there is a 236 loan, the IRP should be reflected in the Other Income line in the Form 10.2 or 5.2 in the field called "Other." The loan terms shall be the market interest rate and debt service.

Question: Why can't a PAE user view a property in the M2M system that has been assigned to that PAE?

Answer:After assignment of an asset, the PAE's coordinator must go into the System Administration/Property Assignment Maintenance to add properties to user ids.

Question: Why does an asset that has completed a closing NOT appear in the Closing Module?

Answer:In order for an asset to appear in the Closing Module so the PAE can enter in the terms at closing the Critical Dates Tracking screen must be up to date. It requires the restructuring plan to have been submitted and approved, a restructuring commitment date and closing Date entered.

Send your M2M system questions to Katonia Jackson or the M2M Information Mailbox.