Mark to Market for Owners

Owners of properties with expiring Section 8 contracts initiate the Mark to Market (M2M) process when they request a Section 8 contract renewal and select options in accordance with the Section 8 Renewal Policy Guide Book 120 days before Section 8 contract expires.

The owner notifies the HUD Multifamily Program Center or Hub of their renewal selection.

Owners with questions about the status of their M2M properties may e-mail us at or refer to the status reports: PDF format or Excel spreadsheet.

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The Green Initiative was introduced in 1997 as a nationwide pilot initiative to encourage owners and purchasers of affordable, multifamily properties to rehabilitate and operate their properties using sustainable Green Building principles. These principles comprise sustainability, energy efficiency, recycling, and indoor air quality, and incorporate the "Healthy Housing" approach pioneered by HUD. To date, the Green Initiative is in full swing with a focus on properties within HUD's Section 8 portfolio, specifically properties in the Mark to Market (M2M) Program.
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