Multifamily Energy Innovation Fund

Included here please find an overview of the program and links to other sites for obtaining important information and instructions.  The information that appears here is not a substitute for careful reading of the EI Notice of Funding Availability (EI NOFA) published on the Grants.Gov website on August 22, 2011.


HUD’s Office of Multifamily Housing Programs has issued a NOFA for the Multifamily Energy Innovation Fund.  This fund provides a total of $25 million in grants to be used for the purpose of energy efficiency upgrades at multifamily properties.  The goals of this NOFA are to:

The overall objective of the Energy Innovation Fund is to help catalyze a home energy retrofit market in the United States by accelerating private investment in cost-saving energy efficiency retrofits in the residential sector. Innovative and replicable strategies to improve the usefulness of existing HUD programs--as well as developing new financing tools--will lead to significant reductions in energy consumption, operating costs, and the carbon footprint of both affordable and market-rate housing.


Detailed application instructions and EI program requirements are included in the  General Section of HUD’s FY 2010 NOFAs for Discretionary Programs, and in the Energy Innovation Fund NOFA.  Both documents can be accessed from the HUD Grants web page or Grants.Gov.


Applications are required to be submitted through Grants.Gov.  When applying for funding through Grants.Gov, registration is the first step.  For information and instructions go to the Grants.Gov website and click on “Get Registered." To get instructions and access the application for the Energy Innovation Fund activity, go back to the Grants.Gov website and choose "Apply for a Grant."  Download and follow all instructions.  The NOFA is published here also and all required forms can be found here.


The terms of any grant ultimately awarded under this NOFA will be controlled by a Cooperative Agreement to be executed when a grant is awarded.  The document is provided here for examination, but is not a part of the application process.


HUD will maintain a Notice of Floodplain Action Spreadsheet.   As properties are identified HUD will post them and any required notice information here. 


Please send your questions to the Energy Innovation Fund Help Desk:  Some generally applicable questions and answers are available for your review. 


As stated in the NOFA, the application deadline date is 11:59:59 p.m. on Thursday, October 20, 2011.


A  webcast was held on September 19, 2011 to present the highlights of the EI NOFA and answer questions.  The archived broadcast and slides used in the presentation is now available for viewing.