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Multifamily Initial Hub Endorsement Counts by Lender

The reports linked below count FHA loans Multifamily Hubs initially endorsed (closed) for FHA insurance during each fiscal year (FY). Risk Sharing loans and OAHP 223a7 loans are not counted. Loan data is from the Development Application Processing (DAP) system. A loan is initially endorsed when all parties have agreed upon the design, costs & mortgage assumptions and any construction is ready to begin. Counts are grouped by the lender entity named in the note HUD endorsed. Related companies are reported separately if FHA's lender approval system carries them under separate lender ID numbers. Lenders should report purchases and consolidations not reflected in this data to FHA's Lender Approval office.

These reports are part of larger sites that provide additional lender counts and counts by Multifamily HUB/ office, state, activity (construction, refi, etc.). You can access those sites and related information by clicking the DATA link in the horizontal navigation bar above this page’s title.

FY 13 Counts Across Programs  Counts  by Program  Loan  Database
FY 12 Counts Across Programs Counts by Program Loan  Database
FY 11 Top  Lenders All Lenders Loan Database
FY 10 Top  Lenders All Lenders Loan Database
FY 09 Top  Lenders All  Lenders Loan  Database
FY 08 Top  Lenders All  Lenders Loan  Database
FY 07 Top  Lenders All  Lenders Loan  Database
FY 06 Top  Lenders All  Lenders Loan   Database
FY 05 Top  Lenders All  Lenders Loan Database
FY 04 Top  Lenders All  Lenders Loan  Database
FY 03 Top  Lenders All  Lenders Loan Database
FY 02 Top Lenders All  Lenders Loan Database


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