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Multifamily Hubs’ FY 12 Initial Endorsements

This site’s reports (tables, graphs and maps) describe the program, geographic & lender distribution of multifamily loans initially endorsed for FHA insurance or risk sharing in FY 12. A loan is initially endorsed when all parties have agreed upon the design, costs & mortgage assumptions and any construction is ready to begin. The reports count only loans Multifamily Housing’s 17 Hubs closed. Loans processed by OAHP and the Office of Health Care Programs (OHP) are not included in any report. Loan data is from the Development Application Processing system (DAP).

Reports are grouped into the Sections listed below. Each report’s header & column titles identify the programs covered. Some reports cover all programs (FHA & Risk Sharing) while other reports cover only FHA programs, only the main FHA programs (NCSR Apts, 223f and 223a7), or only a specific subset (e.g. just LIHTC projects, just new construction/ sub rehab FHA apartments).

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