Program Administration Office

The Program Administration Office (PAO) sits within the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary and is responsible for driving the development and implementation of Multifamily’s goals. The office also responds to Departmental and stakeholder feedback, communicates routinely with Multifamily offices, and approaches policy development and outreach strategically and transparently. The PAO is staffed by specialists in the areas of policy development, legislation, strategic thinking, project management, and communications, as well as subject matter experts from within Multifamily program areas.

PAO provides customer service while transforming the way we work to 21st century best practices.

To make comments on Multifamily policy in development, please see the  Drafting Table for Policy Feedback

OFFICE TELEPHONE NO. (202) 708-2495
FAX NO. (202) 708-2583
ROOM NO. 6106





 Director Terri Peasley 5674

Marta Juaniza


 Directives Management 

Laurie Winston

Management Analyst Jay Burns


 Program Analyst 

Libby Cochran

Senior Management Analyst  Daniel Clark