Office of Multifamily Housing Production

The Office of Multifamily Housing Production provides direction and oversight for FHA mortgage insurance loan origination including the implementation of the Multifamily Accelerated Processing (MAP).

 -   The Program Administration Division is responsible for development of all policies and procedures related to the origination of FHA-insured mortgages. The Division will also be responsible for issues related to new insured debt, and monitoring credit subsidy.
 -   The Technical Support Division is responsible for providing specialized expertise (appraisers, architects, cost analysts, mortgage credit analysts) to Multifamily Offices. Technical staff will provide technical support to other Headquarters Offices and the field offices. This Division also monitors the use of technical discipline contracts (TDCs).
OFFICE TELEPHONE NO. (202) 708-1142
FAX NO. (202) 708-3104
ROOM NO. 6134
DIRECTOR: Patricia M. Burke: Acting  DEPUTY DIR.: Thomas S. Bernaciak
Housing Program Officer: Elizabeth H. Arteaga 202-402-3584
Program Assistant:  Rita Simmons
       STAFF  Extension
    Director, Program Administration Division (Acting)  Scott Greuel  
       Iris C. Agubuzo
       Sylvia S. Chatman
       Carmelita A. James
       Jacqueline M. Arnold 6075
    Director, Technical Support Division  VACANT
       Kevin J. Han 5470
       Linda M. Albro
       John C. Bell
       Robert J. Burleigh - Appraiser
       Wendy Carter
       David B. Wilderman
    Senior Production Specialist Zach S. Skochko 7112