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Office of Field Support and Operations

The Office of Field Support and Operations (OFSO) supports Multifamily Headquarters, Regional Centers and Satellite Offices, and their external customers and stakeholders, while eliminating redundancy and duplication within the Office of Multifamily Housing.

The office provides management direction, guidance and technical support to Multifamily Regional Directors and staff on program management and operational matters. It also plans for and allocates resources necessary to carry out Multifamily programs and functions.

OFSO oversees all field offices, and its Headquarters offices is divided into two branches:

  • Planning and Improvement
  • Administration

Other services we provide:

  • Oversee Multifamily operations and support the field offices
  • Hiring support for Multifamily positions in field offices and HQ.
  • Administrative functions for both the field and Headquarters that include recruitment requests, performance management, labor relations, and disciplinary guidance
  • Administer the training, travel, and supply budgets


  • Review correspondence from HQ offices and field offices to ensure content is consistent and accurate.
  • Represent and advocate for field offices with Headquarters staff.

Procurement and Contracting

  • Provide direction for Multifamily procurement and contract processes in Headquarters and the field.
  • Liaise with Housing Operations to track and report current procurement activities, as well as project resources needed to maintain Multifamily programs and projects.

Quality and Process Management

  • Evaluate Multifamily Performance Goals
  • Make recommendations to the Deputy Assistant Secretary to improve Multifamily field office processes and procedures. Facilitate the implementation of those improvement measures across the nation. Audit results to ensure continued success.
  • Facilitate a quality improvement methodology and leverage the results throughout field operations to effectively and efficiently enhance internal and external customer satisfaction

OFSO contacts

ROOM NO: 6272

Staff   Phone
Terri Peasley Director, Office of Field Support and Operations  (202) 402-5469
Alan Harrison Management Information Specialist (202) 402-6984
Glay E. Glay Program Management Analyst (202)402-6816
DeBorah Anderson Program Management Analyst (202) 402-5405
Michiru (Angelica) McCombs Management Analyst (202) 402-5680
Lauren Appel Management Analyst (202) 402-7626
Victoria Flener Management Analyst (202) 402-6738
Karla Avery Contracting Officer Representative (678) 732-2160
Natalicia Garcia Contracting Officer Representative (678) 732-2358
Terry Lewis Contracting Officer Representative (202) 402-7616
Jerrod (Jai) Jackson Contracting Officer Representative (678) 732-2048
James Utterback Contracting Officer Representative (312) 913-8041
Scott Vanek Instructional Systems Specialist (202) 402-7856
Lily Zaleski Student Trainee (202)402-7814
Nicholas Dayhoff Student Trainee (202) 402-6984