Office of Deputy Assistant Secretary

The Office of  the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Multifamily Housing Programs includes the immediate staff of the DAS, the Program Administration Office, Office of Field Support and Operations, and the Program Systems Management Office.

The Office of  Multifamily Housing is responsible for implementing multifamily housing programs authorized by the National Housing Act as amended by Congress, subsequent legislation enacted into law, and annual Appropriations Acts.  It is widely responsible for production, asset management and portfolio oversight, and recapitalization of assisted properties, and field operations.  The field operations of Multifamily Housing consist of 5 Regional Centers, 7 Regional Satellite Offices, and Asset Management Servicing Offices nationwide.

Key activities of the Office of Multifamily Housing include:

How to reach us:

OFFICE TELEPHONE NO. (202) 708-2495
FAX NO.                          (202) 708-2583
OFFICE ADDRESS:           ROOM 6106, 451 7th Street, SW, Washington, DC 20410

Ethan D. Handelman Deputy Assistant Secretary  
Telicia Foster Management Assistant (202) 402- 7220
Donald Billingsley Associate Deputy Assistant Secretary (Acting) (202) 402-3362
Robert (Bob) Iber, Senior Advisor (410) 209-6549
Senior Advisor (Vacant)  
Senior Advisor (Vacant)  
Timothy L. Butler Program Administration Office Director (202) 402-6270
Jeffery Avery Program Systems Management Office( Acting) (202) 402-4751
Terri L. Peasley Field Support Operations Director (202) 402-5647