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Office of Asset Management and Portfolio Oversight

The Office of Asset Management and Portfolio Oversight (OAMPO) is within Multifamily Housing Programs to promote the highest standards of asset management practices. OAMPO is responsible for the portfolio of multifamily assets after the development phase.

Our goal is to support the targeted Multifamily Housing mission within the broader mission of HUD. We accomplish this through the development of supporting policies and interpretation of policy, control of participation in the multifamily asset programs, oversight of lender and field servicing activities including multifamily management and field operations, and management of relationships with internal and external partners.


Address: 451 7th Street SW, Washington, DC 20410

Director: Jennifer Larson

Deputy Director: Jessica Jackson

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Multifamily Assets and Counterparty Oversight

Division Director: Michael Gamez

Multifamily Assets, and Counterparty Oversight Division (MACOD) enforces Multifamily Housing participant performance, facilitates the mitigation of credit and housing risk for the Multifamily portfolio of project assets and manages modifying transactions. The core functions for the Division are to:

  • Oversee the Multifamily Accelerated Processing (MAP) and LEAN Lenders, including the evaluation of new lender applications, approval of construction loan administrators and underwriters, and delegation of Project Capital Needs Assessment (PCNA) authority
  • Oversee the classification of risk for mortgagees and project assets within the insured and non-insured portfolio
  • Analyze and report on the performance of the insured and non-insured portfolio

Assisted Housing Oversight

Division Director: Belinda Koros

The Assisted Housing Oversight (AHO) Division ensures funds are allocated, obligated, and payments are released for assistance/subsidy contracts, administers the outsourcing of project-based Section 8 contract administration and subsidy contracts under Multifamily rental subsidy programs, monitors and provides oversight of Performance-Based Contract Administrators (PBCAs), coordinates funding obligations, and assures the Department meets its financial obligations to owners in accordance with Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) contracts.

  • Review and approval of financial matters relating to Section 8 programs including housing assistance contract administration
  • Develop policy for housing assistance and preservation of rental assistance contracts
  • Monitor, oversee, and provide technical assistance to contract administrators
  • Ensure Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) contracts are obligated and coordinates with the Contract Administrators to guarantee project-based Section 8 HAP contracts are properly managed

Business Relationships and Support Contracts

Division Director (Acting): Leslie Calamese

The Business Relationships and Support Contracts (BRSC) Division serves as the primary point of contact for OAMPO with internal and external stakeholders, oversees compliance of Use Agreements, provides disaster and emergency preparedness/recovery support, enforces owner behaviors, and develops new initiatives for OAMPO.

initiatives for OAMPO. The core functions for the Division are to:

  • Ensure effective working relationships are maintained with outside offices
  • Coordinate business relationships with MFH and other HUD organizations i.e. single point of contact to make decisions
  • Act as a liaison with the Real Estate Assessment Center (REAC), the Departmental Enforcement Center (DEC), and other Offices
  • Manage Memoranda of Understanding between MFH and external organizations and performs special initiatives

Field Asset Management and Program Administration

Division Director: Tamara Torres

The Field Asset Management (FAM) Division coordinates the support of asset management processes during the life cycle of an asset, and is the first line response to asset specific, /programmatic issues for Regional Centers and Satellite offices.

  • Manage communications to and from the field, from the public related to asset management, including HUD property ownership and management
  • Mitigate drivers affecting condition of the property and related performance for insured, assisted, and unassisted properties
  • Interpret policy, and respond to waiver and ownership requests.
  • Support financing issues such as bond refunding, prepayment authorizations, mortgage lockouts and statutory limitations including property sales in concert with prepayment and refinance transactions

Program Administration Office

Division Director: Jennifer Lavorel

  • Leads policy research and development for all asset management functions
  • Prepares annual budget forecasts and coordinates budget formulation for rental assistance programs
  • Coordinates policy roll-outs, including new policy training
  • Provides data analysis to support program monitoring

Property Disposition Division


307 W. 7th Street
Suite 1000, 
Fort Worth, TX 76102

Office Telephone Number: (817) 978-5768

Division Director: Jovanna Morales

The Property Disposition (PD) Division through its analysis determines the terms, conditions, and potential property sales price(s) for troubled assets facing default or foreclosure. PD coordinates tenant relocation activities and oversees Property Management activities for HUD-owned and MIP projects. The core functions for the Division are to:

  • Manage foreclosure, property management, relocation, repair, and disposition activities and strategies for HUD multifamily projects nationwide for both residential and commercial properties
  • Assure management integrity and financial viability of housing projects managed or owned by HUD and the long-term stability of the real estate as rental housing
  • Preserves affordable housing through use and deed restrictions
  • Negotiate complex financial arrangements with local officials of varying jurisdictions, housing executives, and developers
  • Administer Upfront Grant Program as well as monitor and enforce completion of use agreement and deed required repairs
  • Multifamily Properties for Sale