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Office of Recapitalization


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The "Office of Recap" is responsible for the preservation and recapitalization of federally assisted affordable housing and oversees and processes financial transactions to ensure the long-term physical and financial viability of affordable rental housing. In conducting the business of preservation of affordable housing, Recap is also responsible for ensuring compliance with relevant laws and statutes.

Preservation efforts originally began in the "Office of Multifamily Housing Assistance Restructuring" (OMHAR), established in 1997, to administer the Mark-to-Market program under the Multifamily Assisted Housing Reform and Affordability Act of 1997 (MAHRA). OMHAR expanded as result of the growing need for preserving affordable housing and became the "Office of Affordable Housing Preservation" (OAHP), until its transition into the Office of Recapitalization under the Office of Multifamily Housing. The following programs are administered by the Office of Recap to preserve and recapitalize affordable housing:


Recap Highlights
RAD Montgomery Co MD

September 21, 2021

Public Housing transformed in Montgomery County, MD using RAD to replace distressed public housing with modern, new permanently affordable housing.  

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August 5, 2021

New RAD for PRAC training video (mp4 format), "PRACtical RAD Conversion Milestones" which provides practical guidance to owners of 202 properties with project rental assistance contracts.  

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Post Mark-to-Market Scenarios

June 30, 2021

NEW! Guidelines for Certain HUD Approvals Regarding Properties Encumbered by HUD-Held Markto-Market Program Debt and Portfolio Reengineering Demonstration Program Debt

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