CNA System Updates


SYSTEM UPDATES (Validation Engine, Submission Portal, and/or Reviewer Tool)
  • System Release 2.4.4 Release Notes (2019-12-12)
    • The following changes include upgrades to OBIEE Reports that are used by HUD Internal Staff. Announces the Future Needs Report was repaired and a future release to remediate the Financial Schedule Report.
  • System Release 2.4.2 Release Notes (2019-02-11)
    • Corrected Calculation issue in the Financial Factors panel when a CNA was still under Saved as Draft status.
  • System Release 2.4 Release Notes (2018-12-15)
    • The following changes are included in Release 2.4: Two new additional flags have been added to enforce the minimum RfR balance rules.
  • System Release 2.3.2 Release Notes (2018-10-12)
    • The following changes are included in Release 2.3.2: In response to industry feedback, the calculations of remaining useful life (RUL) are no longer based on current year; all RUL and current age calculations are now based on the ā€œDate of Site Visitā€ within the Assessment Tool.  Additionally, the new release makes several improvements to such features as the non-critical repair needs panel and the annual deposit values for the snapshot report.
  • System Release 2.3 Release Notes (2018-07-27)
    • The following changes are included in Release 2.3: Requires correct Project ID Number, CNA Type, and Program/Event in order to submit.  Includes the new ā€œSave as Draftā€ feature. Locate a returned CNA and save it as draft for editing flag notes and attachments.  Updated header for located CNAs and  ā€œuninflated costsā€ added to the financial schedule.
  • System Release 2.2.1 Release Notes (2018-04-08)
    • This new release ensures that a CNA cannot be submitted if there is already a CNA within the system with an identical Property ID or FHA Number in one of the following statuses: Submitted, Under Review, Ready for Decision.  If the CNA is in received for validation, returned, or approved statuses, then it may be submitted with an identical Property ID and/or FHA Number.
  • System Release 2.2 Release Notes (2018-03-02)
    • Highlights include: We corrected the arithmetic errors previously noted in the identified in the ā€œKnown Issues and Solutions documentā€.  In addition, we improved the viewing and sorting of certain reports needed for HUD staff.