CNA System Updates


SYSTEM UPDATES (Validation Engine, Submission Portal, and/or Reviewer Tool)
  • System Release 2.4.4 Release Notes (2019-12-12)
    • The following changes include upgrades to OBIEE Reports that are used by HUD Internal Staff. Announces the Future Needs Report was repaired and a future release to remediate the Financial Schedule Report.
  • System Release 2.4.2 Release Notes (2019-02-11)
    • Corrected Calculation issue in the Financial Factors panel when a CNA was still under Saved as Draft status.
  • System Release 2.4 Release Notes (2018-12-15)
    • The following changes are included in Release 2.4: Two new additional flags have been added to enforce the minimum RfR balance rules.
  • System Release 2.3.2 Release Notes (2018-10-12)
    • The following changes are included in Release 2.3.2: In response to industry feedback, the calculations of remaining useful life (RUL) are no longer based on current year; all RUL and current age calculations are now based on the “Date of Site Visit” within the Assessment Tool.  Additionally, the new release makes several improvements to such features as the non-critical repair needs panel and the annual deposit values for the snapshot report.
  • System Release 2.3 Release Notes (2018-07-27)
    • The following changes are included in Release 2.3: Requires correct Project ID Number, CNA Type, and Program/Event in order to submit.  Includes the new “Save as Draft” feature. Locate a returned CNA and save it as draft for editing flag notes and attachments.  Updated header for located CNAs and  “uninflated costs” added to the financial schedule.
  • System Release 2.2.1 Release Notes (2018-04-08)
    • This new release ensures that a CNA cannot be submitted if there is already a CNA within the system with an identical Property ID or FHA Number in one of the following statuses: Submitted, Under Review, Ready for Decision.  If the CNA is in received for validation, returned, or approved statuses, then it may be submitted with an identical Property ID and/or FHA Number.
  • System Release 2.2 Release Notes (2018-03-02)
    • Highlights include: We corrected the arithmetic errors previously noted in the identified in the “Known Issues and Solutions document”.  In addition, we improved the viewing and sorting of certain reports needed for HUD staff.