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Electronic Data Interchange Implementation Guide


January 2011 Update

Updated the Mortgage Loan Default Status Transaction Set (TS 264) information for the BGN segment. Specifically, the note information for the BGN01 element as it pertains to how corrections are to be submitted after the lender has received the Application Advice Transaction Set (TS 824) for the original transmission or first TS 264 submitted for the reporting period.

February 2010 Update

Added the Application Advice Code GN, which is used in the Application Advice transaction set (TS 824) in response to a Mortgage Record Changes/Terminations (MRC/T) transaction set (TS 266) to indicate Mortgagee type for servicer does not allow transfers or terminations. The MRC/T Application Advice Code EG was updated to reflect an archival period of two years instead of five years. Refer to the current PDF documents associated with the MRC/T TS 824 for details on the error descriptions. Also, updated were the EDI Implementation Guide pages and documents to remove outdated information.

December 2009 Update

Updated the EDI Implementation Guide Home Page removing outdated information for Upfront and Periodic reporting. Updated the EDI Information Request form in Appendix B so that it displays the correct fax number for the EDI support team.

October 2009 Update

Reintroduction of the Default Status Code 39 (HAMP Trial Modification Plan) and Default Status Code 41 (HAMP Modification and Partial Claim Started) for use in the Transaction Set 264. In addition, the description and resolution has been updated for the Rejection Code R3 (Invalid Status Code) received in the Application Advice transaction set (TS 824) in response to a Mortgage Record Default transaction set (TS 264).

June 2009 Update

Updated the date field in the SOM segment for the Business Scenarios presented for the Transaction Set 264 (X12 Version 3032 modified with the 8-digit date).

March 2009 Update

Updated the documentation for Section V, Implementing EDI, so that it references HUD's Value Added Network (VAN) as EDS*ELIT instead of the Inovis.


We recommend you replace any previous versions associated with these changes. Also, make sure you check regularly for updates.

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