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Additional debarment cases are listed under Office of Appeals web page: category: Debarments, Suspensions, and Limited Denial of Participation.

Case Name Docket Number Date of Decision
HUD v. Fred Conley (Findings of Fact and Recommended Decision) 15-AM-0046-DB-003 03/23/2016
HUD v. Fred Conley (Debarring Official's Determination) 15-AM-0046-DB-003 05/26/2016
HUD v. Eunice Hernandez (Findings of Fact and Recommended Decision) 13-AF-0159-DB-003 09/19/2014
HUD v. John Alagha and Alagha & Associates, Corp. (Amended Recommended Determination) 11-M-041-DB-1 04/03/2013
HUD v. John Alagha and Alagha & Associates, Corp. (Debarring Official's Determination) 11-M-041-DB-1 05/22/2013
Alabert Gonzales, Gonzales Consulting, Inc. HUDALJ 00-9165-DB 01/22/2002
Benjamin B. Weitz. Community Housing HUDALJ 94-0009-DB 01/09/2005
Benjamin B. Weitz Affiliation (dec) HUDALJ 94-0009-DB 06/03/1994
Benjamin J & Geraldine Roscoe HUDALJ 93-2007-DB 06/26/1995
Bourgeois (dec) HUDALJ 90-1407-DB 05/03/1990
Brian Kennedy HUDALJ 91-1644-DB 02/21/1992
Buckeye Terminix Co. HUDALJ 89-1402-DB 08/31/1990
Burgess, Howard HUDALJ 95-5023-DB 05/10/1995
Cirillo, Joseph HUDALJ 90-1525-DB 06/19/1991
Earl Coleman, Anges May Williams, Williams Persons HUDALJ 94-0005-DB
HUDALJ 94-0003-DB
HUDALJ 94-0004-DB
Gary M. Wasson (dec) HUDALJ No.04-030-DB 08/05/2004
Jack Blumenfeld HUDALJ 90-1550-DB
HUDALJ 90-1551-DB
James M. Woods Reinstatement HUDALJ 98-8023-DB(R) 05/20/1998