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Webinar Recordings and live sessions

Webinars and recording of live sessions are a great way to access different types of training. Educational sessions on topics of interest are often covered by webinar. These educational sessions are mostly informative sessions and often don’t require interactive conversation or demonstration. Live webinar sessions can be an economical way to complete training that is designed to have learners demonstrate tasks due to these sessions typically use interactive dialogue, web cams and group work. The courses indicated with a asterisk below should be noted that the preferred method for delivery of an assessment course is in person when feasible. Most course work can be modified to be delivered through a live webinar if the instructor is comfortable with the previous work experience of knowledge base of the learners inquiring about these courses. Please plan to work with the local certified trainer in your area for training delivery recommendations.  

Here is a list of webinar recordings and upcoming live sessions available:

  • Eco-Healthy Child Care Course®
  • Integrated Pest Management in Multifamily Housing
  • Integrated Pest Management in Multifamily Housing
  • Bed Bug Management for Affordable Housing Providers
  • Less is More: Using Limited Resident Prep for Bed Bug Treatment
  • Making Homes Healthier for Residents Who Hoard
  • Making Homes Healthier for Residents with Limited Finances
  • Healthy Homes Assessment for Community Health Workers
  • Healthy Homes Assessment: Principles and Practice
  • Health Opportunities in Energy Audits and Upgrades
  • Healthy Homes Rating System
  • Healthy Home Evaluator
  • Healthy Homes Assessment and Interventions
  • Healthy Homes for Community Health Workers
  • Code Inspection for Healthier Homes
  • Pediatric Environmental Home Assessment
  • Basic Principles of Healthy Homes

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