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This site was designed for sharing information and resources on education and outreach for healthy homes and lead-based paint. As a service to users, we will post outreach materials that have been developed by our grantees. Be sure to visit this site frequently to stay informed of new materials and sharing opportunities.

Order materials on-line from the National Lead Information Center (NLIC) or by phone at 1-800-424-LEAD (1-800-424-5323).

*NEW* Healthy Homes Disaster Recovery Educational Outreach Materials

  • Consumer Tips for Post-Disaster Home Restoration: Helps homeowners identify hazards, work with contractors to remove the hazards, help ensure the work is done properly, and learn when they can return safely to the home. The publication discusses seven potential hazards that may impact their health.
  • Guide for Team Leaders to Help Disaster Victims Get Back to a Healthy Home: For volunteer team leaders, project managers and supervisors who assist in recovery and rebuilding after various types of natural disasters. This guide will help them understand the key principles that make up a healthy home, and how to apply the principles following a natural disaster.
  • Important Information for Volunteers in Helping Disaster Victims Get Back to a Healthy Home: For volunteers and professionals who assist in recovery and rebuilding after natural disasters. This guide will help them stay safe and make sure the work they are doing is effective.
  • Rebuild Healthy Homes: Helps homeowners, volunteers and other workers restore damaged homes in a way that puts people first. It includes how-to methods, tips and improvement ideas for safe restoration that result in not just a livable dwelling, but a healthy home that offers even more than before.
  • Standard HUD and OLHCHH Factsheet: This one pager highlights content found in the much longer Rebuild Healthy Homes booklet. Side two provides key OLHCHH resource listings. This was developed in part because we can print large quantities, and I anticipate this will be our bread and butter piece. It can be used victims, contractors, and all of the other entities assisting in disaster preparedness and recovery.

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