National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week


OLHCHH Grantees can now utilize multifaceted materials for National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week, with the aim of increasing program awareness and capacity.

Each year, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the U.S.. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and our partners collaborate on a national outreach effort to observe National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week (NLPPW). This year NLPPW will be held from October 20-26.

OLHCHH will soon be providing additional materials on this page, especially for our grantees. We thank our grantees for the many suggestions they provided to improve success of this year's observance. These materials will be consistent with the overall interagency approach, but also provide customized resources for our grantees. We'll be developing several webinars, with additional information also to be found here.

NLPPW is a call to action to bring together families, individuals, community-based organizations. state and local governments and others, to increase lead poisoning prevention awareness and increase efforts to reduce childhood exposure to lead. NLPPW also highlights the many ways parents can reduce children's exposure to lead in their home environment and prevent its serious health effects. There are three key themes this year:

  1. Get the Facts: Find out about the hazards of lead.
  2. Get Your Home Tested: Find out how to minimize risks of lead exposure by hiring a certified professional to test older homes for lead.
  3. Get Your Child Tested: A simple blood test can detect lead. Consult your health care provider for advice on testing your children. 

The following materials are available for partners organizing outreach during NLPPW 2019 and are a starting point in developing customized messaging to meet the needs of different communities. 

  1. The Partner Information Kit provides state and local governments and organizations with key materials and resources that are available for distribution to a wide array of audiences. The digital kit includes basic information about lead poisoning, steps to create localized outreach, and other customizable materials to support outreach events.
  2. Sample Social Media Package actively spread the word about National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week by sharing messaging on social media using the hashtags #LeadFreeKids and #NLPPW2019
  3. Posters - Below you will find a PDF and Modifiable version of the poster. The modifiable link may be customized to include an organization's logo and information.





          4. Flyers - Below you will find a PDF and Modifiable version of the flyer. The modifiable link may be customized to include an organization's logo and information.





           5. Icons

           6. Web Banners - The following materials can be added to your website and are available in English.

           7. Sample Proclamation

           8. Sample Press Release

           9. NLPPW Webinar Program 



      Success Stories

      "We are using the NLPPW to create awareness of lead regulations to the Massachusetts Realtors Association. We will be speaking on lead abatement and disclosure to 100+ Realtors. Also producing podcast for Realtors statewide on the topic of lead." - City of Worcester, MA

      NLPPW is a great opportunity to get more people working on lead. We are meeting with local contractors to discuss grant opportunities. 40 firms anticipate to attend." - City of North Hampton, PA

      "We have decided to celebrate NLPPW by having a Proclamation of National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week in our community.  We will use the focused of the observance to tell partners and citizens about lead poisoning prevention and how to apply for resources." - City of Waterloo, IA


        Having an event? Tell us more! Share information about your NLPPW event with others worldwide by registering your activity.

        Interested in learning more about Lead from EPA, HUD, and CDC?