April is National Healthy Homes Month


In 2024, we’re celebrating National Healthy Homes Month in April. This year’s theme MAKING AN IMPACT: Healthy, Safe, and Resilient Homes highlights the daily benefits and impacts of OLHCHH-funded programs in communities. 


Goals for National Healthy Homes Month (NHHM):   

  • Educate: Spread the word about Healthy Homes Principles. Use various ways to raise awareness about the impact of combining health, energy-savings, and safety in homes. Reach out to different groups and stakeholders, including those new to healthy homes.

  • Promote Grants: Increase awareness of OLHCHH grants and expand OLHCHH programs nationwide. 

  • Improve Standards: Support stakeholder awareness and access to lead and healthy homes standards, improving homes one by one.

  • Measure Impact: Gather and share data to understand and boost the impact of our programs on communities affected by lead and other home health hazards.

  • Build Networks:  Grow our influence through NHHM, connecting with more organizations and individuals.  


National Healthy Homes Month (NHHM) Week-by-Week Overview:   

Week 1 - (April 1-6, 2024) "Healthy Homes Investments Make Local Impact."

Week 2 - (April 7-13, 2024) "Housing Professionals Role in Healthy Homes"

Week 3 - (April 14-20, 2024) "Impacts of Healthy Homes Interventions on Public Health"

Week 4 - (April 21-28, 2024) "Making Home Healthy, Safe and Resilient"




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