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OHHLHC Grant Start-up Guidance

The Office of Healthy Homes and Lead Hazard Control believes very strongly that the success of our mission to eliminate childhood lead poisoning is directly linked to the success of our partners. To assist you, we are providing guidance and resources to get your grant up and running during the crucial first six-months (start-up phase) of the grant. Please contact your OHHLHC representative if you need any assistance or have questions.

You should always consult with your legal counsel before using sample documents in your own grant programs. Most documents are in MS Word to allow you to edit them for your own program use.

What do I need to do...


Within 60 Days of Grant Award?

  • Work Plan sent to GTR

The Work Plan is the WHAT of your work plan. It describes what the project will do and includes timelines for completing program objectives. Rating Factor 3 of the NOFA application often serves as the initial starting point for the Work Plan, but be sure to communicate directly with your OHHLHC rep when developing your plan.

  • Written Policies and Procedures

The Program's written policies and procedures detail the HOW of your grant program. They are often incorporated within your Work Plan, and sometimes merely referenced, but are an important component that should not be excluded.

  • Establish Line of Credit Control System Access (LOCCS)

Your GTR can assist you with any questions. Don't delay in getting your LOCCS access set up.


 -   Policy Guidance 2004-01: "Revised Work Plan Guidance"
 -   Sample Work Plan
 -   Program Infrastructure Checklists [MSWord]
 -   Grantee Reporting Requirements
 -   36-month Benchmark Standards Form (For LHC/LHRD) [MS Excel]
 -   36-Month Benchmarks Standards Form (For HHTS/LTS) [MS Excel]
 -   How to obtain LOCCS access
 -   LOCCS Form HUD-27054 (LOCCS Access Request Form)
 -   LOCCS Form HUD-27053 (Voice Response System form for requesting disbursement)
 -   Sample Policy and Procedures
 -   Lead Project Flow Chart
 -   Lead Grant Agreement
 -   Code Enforcement Strategies  

Within 120 days of award date?

  • Environmental Review and Request for Release of Funds

The Environmental Review is required before any direct Lead Hazard Control Work is conducted. See the Notice of Funding Availability for more details.

  -  HUD Exchange - Enviormental Review
    Contact- Karen Griego
                      Healthy Homes Representative
                      Tel. (505) 346-6462


Program Start-Up Tools

Includes sample documents and forms used to implement your Program successfully.

 -   Program Infrastructure Checklist
 -   Intake and Enrollment of Units
 -   Lead Client Referral
 -   Lead Owner Application
 -   Verbal Third-Party Income Affidavit
 -   Sample Consent Form
 -   Risk Assessment
 -   Inspection and Risk Assessment Request for Proposal
 -   Lead and Historic Preservation
 -   Letter of Intent
 -   Lead Relocation Contract
 -   Lead Stipend Release
 -   Lead Non-displacement Letter
 -   Owner-Contractor Agreement
 -   Lead Approval Letter
 -   Lead Denial Letter
 -   Contractor Application
 -   Contractor Criteria
 -   Contractor Bid-Package
 -   Lead-safe Housing Rule for New Grantees (PowerPoint)
 -   Lead Clearance Letter
 -   Medical Release Form


Helpful Tools