Lead Outreach Grant Program

The Lead Outreach (LO) program is a competitive program that is announced annually through HUD's SuperNOFA (Notice of Funding Availability) published publication in the Federal Register. The Notice of Funding Availability is published online and its Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) Number is 14.904.

The LO announcement is not combined with any other program. Awards are grants made for up to two years. Only activities that are listed as eligible are allowed. Refer to each NOFA for further details on objectives and allowable activities. Prospective applicants should read the NOFA carefully.

Program Objectives

The overall program objective is to raise public awareness and knowledge about lead poisoning. This program is particularly focused on children's health.

Objectives of particular interest to HUD include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Outreach and education/training about childhood lead poisoning prevention.
  • Distributing information about proper lead hazard identification, control and lead safe rehabilitation and maintenance methods in at-risk communities and children in languages and formats that are understandable by the target audience(s).
  • Building local capacity of lead safety-trained persons through delivery of HUD-approved training in lead-safe work practices.

Eligible LO Grant Applicants

Academic and non-profit institutions located in the U.S, states and units of local general government, federally recognized Native American tribes, and for-profit organizations. For-profit organizations are eligible, but are not allowed to earn a fee (profit) from this project.

How to Apply

Each funding opportunity will be announced on HUD's web site. Potential applicants must register with Grants.gov—please make sure you allow ample time for the registration process. You will download the Application Package and the Instructions.

The "Instructions" file contains required forms that are not available as part of the application package. All Application materials are listed in the published NOFA. Electronic submission is mandatory unless the applicant receives a waiver of this regulatory requirement. Previous year NOFAs are available in HUD's archives.