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The Operation Lead Elimination Action Program (LEAP)

The LEAP Grant Program assists grantees in creating wide-ranging programs to identify and control lead-based paint hazards in eligible privately owned housing by leveraging private sector funding. Applicants are not required to provide a match to participate, but receive higher points during review based on the amount of leveraged funds dedicated to the applicant's proposal. The Notice of Funding Availability is published online.

Eligible applicants

Only private sector, non-profit and for-profit organizations (provided no fees are charged for services) are eligible to apply under this program. The maximum amount of grant money an applicant can request is $2 million. About 6 grants are awarded each year.

Property owners of eligible housing may qualify for federal assistance to identify and control lead-based paint hazards. Check with the local lead hazard control grant program in your area for more details.

How to apply

Each funding opportunity will be announced on HUD's web site. Potential applicants must register with Grants.gov—please make sure you allow ample time for the registration process. You will download the Application Package and the Instructions. The Instructions contain required forms that are not available as part of the application package. All Application materials are included in the published NOFA. Electronic submission is mandatory unless the applicant receives a waiver of this regulatory requirement. Previous year NOFAs are available in HUD's archives.

What the applicants should know

This program does not require a match but additional points are awarded at the time of review for leveraged resources from private sector sources. See the NOFA announcement for more details. Applicants are highly encouraged to build partnerships with heath and housing agencies and faith-based and community-based organizations to implement the grant.