2019 Program Manager School

May 14- 17, 2019 
Minneapolis, MN


As part of our continuing efforts to provide assistance to our grantees, the Office of Lead Hazard Control and Healthy Homes host an annual Program Managers' School for all program managers and key staff.  This year's School will be held in Minneapolis, MN on May 14-17.

Each Program Managers' School attempts to address real-life topics that our program managers face in implementing their programs. 

Presentations from this year's Program Manager School are available below. 


Day 1: Tuesday Presentation Slides


1. 2019 NGO / PMS Agenda

4. It's All in the Numbers -Fiscal Accountability 7. Healthy Homes 101

2. OLHCHH Building Blocks

5. Lead Hazard Control 101
8. Healthy Homes 201
3. What is HHGMS 6. Lead Hazard Control 201
9. Setting the Stage - Successfully Implementing your OLHCHH Grant


Day 2: Wednesday Presentation Slides

1. Building Program Capacity

5. Program Evaluation

2. What's Guiding Your Efforts

6. Does it Match

3. Grant Administration

7. Integrating OLHCHH Funding with Other Health and Housing Programs

4. Financing Strategies for Program Sustainability

8. Grant Administration (Part- 2) Oversight and Monitoring
9. State Notification  


Day 3: Thursday and Friday Presentation Slides


1. Anticipation and Overcoming Program Obstacles

5. Back to Basics LHC I

2. Who gets the Units
6. Get it Right - Healthy Homes Protocols

3. Speaking of... Eligibility 
7.  Getting it Right LHC II

4. Verifying Income

8. Engaging State and Local Leaders to use Housing as a Platform to Good Health
9. HUD's Lead Safe Housing Rule and Working with PHAs  


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