Housing, Health and Asthma:


In order to highlight the value of residential interventions for pediatric asthma and to encourage the initiation of pilot programs that include reimbursement by health insurers, HUD and its federal partners, including the Environmental Protection Agency, and the Department of Health and Human Services, has worked with local partners to hold a series of meetings on this issue.  This page provides presentations and other materials from these summits, including: a summary of federal guidelines; information on the efficacy and the cost-effectiveness of in-home interventions; and highlights of local and national programs that are delivering effective in-home asthma interventions, including some that are reimbursed for these services.  


Regional Summits on Pediatric Home Asthma Interventions

Click for more information regarding the Summit Overview including agenda, highlights of speakers remarks, and track summary, as well as a Resource Bank.




For more information, please contact Abby Hugill, Healthy Homes Representative at: Abby.D.Hugill@hud.gov