Healthy Homes Program Guidance Manual
July 19, 2012
The HUD Healthy Homes Program Guidance Manual is based on proven approaches and techniques, and the most current research.  It is written for everyone interested in developing or expanding a Healthy Homes program.  Substantial savings in health care costs and improved quality of life can be achieved by reducing health and safety hazards in the home.
The Manual focuses on the Seven Principles of a Healthy Home:  Keep it: Dry, Clean, Safe, Ventilated, Pest-Free, Contaminant-Free, and Maintained. The Manual includes guidance, tools, and case studies to help establish and improve Healthy Homes programs.  Chapters include: Community Involvement; Program Design; Health & Safety Assessment; Intervention Strategies; Program Evaluation, and Sustainability.
We hope it helps you to develop and improve your Healthy Homes Program.

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Community Involvement in Program Planning

Chapter 3: Program Design

Chapter 4: Housing-Related Health and Safety Hazard Assessment

Chapter 5: Intervention Strategies

Chapter 6: Evaluating Your Program

Chapter 7: Program Sustainability