2012 HUD Guidelines Forms

Chapter 5: Risk Assessment

Form 5.0 Questionnaire for a Lead Hazard Risk Assessment of an Individual Occupied Dwelling Unit Word PDF
Form 5.1 Building Condition Form for Lead Hazard Risk Assessment Word PDF
Form 5.2 Report of Visual Assessment (for Lead Hazard Risk Assessment) Word PDF
Form 5.3 Field Paint Chip Sampling Form Word PDF
Form 5.4a Field Sampling Form for Dust. (Single-Surface Sampling) Word PDF
Form 5.4b Field Sampling Form for Dust. (Composite Sampling)  Word PDF
Form 5.5 Field Sampling Form for Soil Word PDF
Form 5.6 Questionnaire for a Lead Hazard Risk Assessment of More Than Four Rental Dwelling Units Word PDF
Form 5.7 Format for an Executive Summary of a Lead Hazard Risk Assessment. Word PDF

Chapter 6: Ongoing LBP Maintenance

Form 6.0 Report of Visual Assessment (for Ongoing Lead-Safe Maintenance). Word PDF
Form 6.1 Report of Visual Assessment of Bare Soil for Lead-Safe Maintenance Word PDF
Form 6.2 Log of Visual Assessments for Ongoing Lead-Safe Maintenance Word PDF
Form 6.3 Lead-Based Paint Inventory Word PDF
Form 6.4 Lead Hazard Control Inventory Word PDF
Form 6.5 Lead-Safe Maintenance Work Order Word PDF

Chapter 7: LBP Inspection

Form 7.1 and 7.5 Single-Family and Multifamily Testing LBP Testing Data Sheet Word PDF
Form 7.2 Calibration Check Test Results Word PDF
Form 7.3 Substrate Correction Values Word PDF
Form 7.4 Selection of Housing Units Word PDF
Form 7.6 Multifamily Housing: Component Type Report Word PDF

Chapter 13: Abatement by Encapsulation

Form 13.1 Encapsulant Patch Test Documentation Word PDF
Form 13.2 Lead-Based Paint Encapsulation Visual Monitoring Form Word PDF

Chapter 15: Clearance

Form 15.1 Visual Assessment - Lead Hazard Clearance Examination. Word PDF
Form 15.2 Field Sampling Form for Dust-Lead Hazard Clearance Examination (single-surface sampling) Word PDF
Form 15.4 Clearance Report Review Worksheet Word PDF

Chapter 16: Investigation and Treatment of Housing with EBL Children

Form 16.1 Resident Questionnaire for Investigation of Children with Elevated Blood Lead Levels (EBL) Word PDF