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The Office of Congressional Relations is responsible for the management and coordination of all matters involving Congress. It oversees the presentation of the Department’s legislative and budget program to Congress, and monitors and addresses HUD-related activities under the purview of Congressional oversight, authorizing and appropriations committees. It is the principal advocate before Congress for HUD’s legislative initiatives and other legislative interests, and is responsible for ensuring that all testimony and responses to Congressional inquiries are consistent with the Secretary’s and the Administration’s views.

Peter Hunter, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Congressional and Intergovernmental Relations

Peter Hunter
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Congressional and Intergovernmental Relations


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Congressional Communication

Congressional Relations coordinates all HUD matters related to Congress:

  • Review pending and proposed legislation and its impact on the Department
  • Schedule and coordinate Congressional hearings and briefings
  • Prepare senior-level staff for briefings and hearings before Congress
  • Develop and implement the Department’s legislative agenda, which includes legislative initiatives and proposals
  • Coordinate the Department’s response to technical assistance requests
  • Respond to Congressional requests for information
  • Monitor all Department-related legislative actions

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