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Multifamily Document Reform Implementation

Recent Updates

  • December 2018:  Announcement – Multifamily Housing will accept the 2017 AIA construction documents for use in new construction/substantial rehabilitation and refinancings, as further detailed in the revised July 10, 2017 Q&A under General Questions and Construction Contract.
  • June 2018 Note, Regulatory Agreement MF Projects, Security Instrument
  • May 2018:  Announcement – new Multifamily closing checklists for use with the Housing Notice 2018-03 Firm Commitments have been posted to this Multifamily Document Reform Implementation site in the far right hand column under Additional Resources.  The revised checklists should be used in lieu of the posted 2015 checklists and the 2015 Closing Guide checklists.  Revised checklists for Insurance Upon Completion, 241, and Workouts will be issued later this year.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any additional questions about implementation of the new Multifamily Closing Documents, please submit them to MultifamilyDocumentReview@hud.gov and an answer to your question will be posted to this site. Questions concerning the MAP Guide should be sent to MAPGuide2011@hud.gov.