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Multifamily Document Reform Implementation

Recent Updates

August 2020: Announcement - OGC has developed a new FAQ to address using and discarding personal identifiable information to add to the Multifamily Closing FAQs for COVID-19 found here:


OGC is posting the FAQ here in the interim while it awaits posting to the link immediately above.

Q:  How should I handle personally identifiable information (ā€œPIIā€), including such items as a home address or personal cell phone number, provided by a HUD closing attorney to facilitate the closing of an FHA multifamily or healthcare loan?

  1. Unless advised otherwise by the providing party, FHA lenders and their counsel should assume any PII provided by a HUD closing attorney was intended for the sole purpose of facilitating the timely and efficient completion of a real estate transaction during a nationally declared pandemic. The PII should not be used for any other purpose, including redisclosure to other parties, without the express consent of the individual providing the PII.  If the real estate transaction has concluded, please immediately delete the PII from all systems and records. If the real estate transaction has yet to conclude, please ensure the information is deleted upon completion or, if earlier, at the request of the HUD employee.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any additional questions about implementation of the new Multifamily Closing Documents, please submit them to MultifamilyDocumentReview@hud.gov and an answer to your question will be posted to this site.