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Multifamily Document Reform Implementation

Recent Updates

  • May 2019:  Announcement – new Multifamily closing checklists for use with the recently revised closing documents (see link to announcement below) have been posted to this Multifamily Document Reform Implementation site in the far-right hand column under “Additional Resources.”  The revised closing checklists should be used in lieu of the previously posted 2018 closing checklists.  Aside from non-substantive changes to the layout and re-ordering of certain items, noteworthy changes include removal of previously stand-alone items that were added to the Consolidated Certification – Borrower (HUD-91070M) and/or Lender’s Certificate (HUD-92434M)/Request for Endorsement (HUD-92455); a separate closing checklist for “Heavy” 223(f) project closings has been added; and the lender provided aged schedule of accounts payable for 223(f) and 223(a)(7) has been removed, as this is a required firm application submission. (https://www.hud.gov/sites/dfiles/Housing/documents/RevisedMultifamilyClosingDocuments.pdf)

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any additional questions about implementation of the new Multifamily Closing Documents, please submit them to MultifamilyDocumentReview@hud.gov and an answer to your question will be posted to this site.