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HUD’s Regulations Division

What is the Office of General Counsel’s Regulations Division?

The Regulations Division is situated in the Office of Legislation and Regulations in the Office of General Counsel and provides legal services in connection with the development, preparation, and presentation of rules and other policy documents that comprise the HUD’s regulatory agenda.

What does the Regulations Division do?

The Regulations Division has principal responsibility for working with HUD senior policy officials and staff to develop and draft HUD's major regulations, notices of policy statements, and other key policy notices of HUD; clearing these documents through a departmental review process and with the Office of Management and Budget; determining when regulatory or other action is needed to implement new statutory authority; determining, generally, when rulemaking is required under HUD's regulations in 24 CFR Part 10, or the Administrative Procedure Act, and what legal interpretations and policy options are available to HUD through rulemaking; and serving as legal liaison with the House Financial Services Committee and Senate Banking Committee on the congressional review of HUD rules.

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