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Financial Disclosure Reports

Confidential Financial Disclosure Reports (OGE-450)

In accordance with 5 CFR § 2634.904(a)(i), an employee will be required to file an OGE-450 if the agency concludes that the duties and responsibilities of the employee’s position require that employee to participate personally and substantially through decision or the exercise of significant judgment, and without substantial supervision and review, in taking a Government action regarding: (A) Contracting or procurement; (B) Administering or monitoring grants, subsidies, licenses, or other federally conferred financial or operational benefits; (C) Regulating or auditing any non-Federal entity; or (D) Other activities in which the final decision or action will have a direct and substantial economic effect on the interests of any non-Federal entity. Additionally, in accordance with 5 CFR § 2634.904(a)(ii), an employee can be required to file an OGE-450 if the agency concludes that the duties and responsibilities of the employee's position require the employee to file such a report to avoid involvement in a real or apparent conflict of interest, or to carry out the purposes behind any statute, Executive order, rule, or regulation applicable to or administered by the employee. Positions which might be subject to a reporting requirement under this subparagraph include those with duties which involve investigating or prosecuting violations of criminal or civil law.

Public Financial Disclosure Reports (OGE-278)

The Ethics in Government Act of 1978, as amended, requires senior officials in the executive, legislative, and judicial branches to file public reports of their finances and other interests outside the Government.  At the Department, individuals including all Senate-confirmed Presidential appointees, all employees appointed to an Executive Schedule position, all members of the Senior Executive Service, all Administrative Law Judges, and all Schedule C employees, are required to file public financial disclosure reports (OGE 278e) within 30 days of entering and leaving a position at HUD, as well as annually while serving in a covered position and within 30 days after they terminate government service. Annual reports, covering the previous calendar year, are due between January 1st and May 15th each year. Persons required to file the OGE-278e are also required to file the OGE-278-T, Periodic Transaction Report. The OGE-278-T report is submitted throughout the year reporting any transactions involving the purchase, sell or exchange of stocks, bonds, or commodities futures.

OGE Form 201: Request to Inspect or Receive Copies of OGE Form 278

The OGE-278 reports filed by HUD officials may be publicly available in compliance with OGE’s systems of record requirements. These records are available pursuant to the Ethics in Government Act of 1978 (5 U.S.C. app. 4 § 105) and OGE's regulations implementing this statute. The OGE Form 201 (PDF) is used to request copies of the public financial disclosure reports and other specified records of Presidential appointees subject to Senate confirmation.

However, records cannot be used:

  • for any unlawful purpose;
  • for any commercial purpose, other than by news and communications media for dissemination to the general public;
  • for determining or establishing the credit rating of any individual; or
  • for use, directly or indirectly, in the solicitation of money for any political, charitable, or other purpose.

OGE-278e and OGE-278-T reports of HUD officials may be requested by submitting a completed OGE Form 201 to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Ethics and Appeals Division, Room 2130, 451 7th Street, S.W., Washington, DC, 20410. A report shall be made available for public inspection within 30 days after it is received by the agency. With respect to any OGE-278e report required to be filed by May 15 of any year, the report shall be made available for public inspection within 30 calendar days after May 15 or within 30 days for which an extension was granted. OGE-278e reports are retained for six years. OGE-278-T reports are destroyed seven years after receipt (or when the related subsequent OGE Form 278e is ready for destruction six years later). The Office of Government Ethics (OGE) certifies the OGE-278e and OGE-278-T reports of Presidentially appointed, Senate confirmed (PAS) officials. These certified reports may be accessed on OGE’s website.

Electronic Filing of Financial Disclosure Reports

HUD uses electronic filing systems to automate the ethics financial disclosure filing process. The Integrity electronic financial disclosure system created by the Office of Government Ethics is used for OGE-278e reporting. The OGE-278e report and the OGE-278-T, Periodic Transactions Report, are filed electronically when they are due. The FDonline electronic financial disclosure system is used for OGE-450 reporting. Both systems are designed to improve communications, reduce cumbersome and inefficient paperwork processes and improve the overall financial disclosure process.