Let's Talk

We are pleased to announce the “Let’s Talk” Video Series! 

In its ongoing effort to provide resources that our stakeholders can use to find out the latest information in a useful and accessible format, HUD's Center for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships (CFBNP) has begun development for a series of short videos about HUD programs. The series, called “Let’s Talk”, are short videos which feature interviews with HUD experts on programs that you, our stakeholders, have asked to learn more about. Each video focuses on one topic, and includes a brief overview of the program or the mission of the program office,as well as an interview with program experts on the latest information on program developments, priorities, funding opportunities, and other popular questions.

The videos are structured in an accessible, question-and-answer format, and provide links to further resources on relevant HUD programs.


Implementation of Executive Order 13559
Presentation Slides
HUD's Housing Counseling Program

Potential Housing Opportunities for Trafficking Victims

Power point slides:  Potential Housing Opportunities for Trafficking Victims

Handout:  Frequently Asked Questions for Video on Potential Housing Opportunities for Trafficking Victims

Homelessness Assistance:

Emergency Solutions Grants (ESG):

Continuum of Care:

Understanding Housing Opportunities for Persons With AIDS (HOPWA)

Video:    https://youtu.be/qJ6jLyWJGys

Power point slides:  Understanding HOPWA

Handout:  Faith Based Toolkit

Handout:  HOPWA Special Initiatives

Website:  www.HUDexchange.info/programs/hopwa/



Stay tuned for new videos coming soon!  Please submit your ideas for future video topics to partnerships@hud.gov


Introductory Video