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HUD Charges in 2006

HUD Charges
Basis of Discrimination
Color | Disability | Familial Status | National Origin | Race | Religion |Retaliation |Sex
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WARNING: The attached documents may contain graphic and explicit language that may be offensive to some readers.
Case Name Case Number Date Charge Issued Basis of Charge

HUD v. 2000 Linwood Avenue Owners, Inc., and Rita Neary


02-04-0188-8 9/25/06 Disability

HUD v. Quill

Charge|Press Release

01-05-0552-8 9/8/06 Disability/Race

HUD v. D Investments, LLC; Stan Crawford; and Claudia Allen

Charge|Media advisory

10-05-0172-8 10-05-0179-8 8/17/06 Disability
HUD v. Georgina and Martin Estrada

Charge|Press Release
05-06-0156-8 8/8/06 Disability

HUD v. Nicole Morbach, Benchmark Management Corporation, Fairway Trails Limited, L.P., and Benchmark Michigan Properties, Inc.

Charge | Press Release

05-05-0775-8 3/20/06


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HUD v.Draper and Kramer, Incorporated, 1130 South Michigan Partnership, an Illinois Limited Partnership, D 1130 South LLC, DKIA 1130 South LLC, and FC Ford LLC.

Charge | Press Release

05-04-1358-8 8/8/06 Familial Status

HUD v. Paul Hasse


08-05-0250-8 6/06 Familial Status

HUD v. Gary Luke and Mary Ngo


Charge |Media Advisory

09-06-1004-8 09-06-1005-8 09-06-1006-8 09-06-1007-8 09-06-1024-8 09-06-1025-8 09-06-1112-8 9/29/06

National Origin

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HUD v. Phyllis Hasenstab, Realty 100, Inc. d/b/a/ RE/MAX Realty 100, and Edith Halvorsen

Charge | Media Advisory

05-06-0642-8 05-06-1334-8 9/26/06 Race

HUD v. The Hillebold Family Trust, John Hillebold, as Trustee and Rosemary Hillebold, individually and as Trustee

Charge|Media Advisory

05-05-1104-8 05-05-1105-8 9/25/06 Race

HUD v. Nelson E. Stuber, and Ella M. Stuber

Charge|Press Release

05-06-0072-8 8/25/06 Race

HUD v. Triple H. Realty, LLC, Harry Kantor, and Vincent Ortiz

Charge | Press Release

02-04-0536-8 6/29/06 Race/National Origin

HUD v. Marlene McGee, Margaret Alden, Croix Management Company, and Cannon Valley Apartments Limited Partnership

Charge|Press Release

05-05-0792-8 3/28/06 Race

HUD v. Daniel Waisbord, Helene Waisbord, Ava Waisbord, and Rhawn Street Apartments, LLC

Charge | Press Release

03-04-0554-8 1/25/06


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HUD v. Triple H. Realty, LLC, Harry Kantor, and Vincent Ortiz


02-04-0536-8 6/29/06 Religion/Color/Race/ National Origin
HUD v. Harold Calvert and Calvert Properties, Inc.
Charge | Press Release
07-04-0317-8 6/15/06


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